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Cable Winches

Cable Winches For Pulling Medium & High Voltage Power Cables MV HV

➡ The range of trailer mounted cable pulling winches are used for the installation of LV, MV & HV power cables where high cable pulling tensions are required. All of the winches are designed with the user in mind – simple operation and robustly engineered.

Cable winches are installed with heavy duty diesel engines powering hydraulic transmission for smooth controlled cable pulling – additionally console mounted line tension indicators ensure the user has a visual display of the cable pulling force applied.

Maximum permissible cable pulling tensions should be noted for each cable type to be pulled in and not exceeded – it is recommended to achieve lowest figure by setting out the cable installation and positioning of the drum.

  • LV XLPE SWA Armoured Cable
  • LV Service & Waveform (3 Phase Aluminium/Copper) Cable
  • LV Multi-core & Multi-pair Cable
  • 11kV Single, 3 Core & Triplex XLPE
  • 33kV Single Core XLPE Wire Screened Cable
  • LV MV HV Power Cables
  • Fibre Optic | Telecoms
5 Tonne LV-HV Power Cable Pulling Winch (Twin Capstan) SEB TW5000

Cable Winches – Up To 10 Tonne Pulling Capacity | Power Fibre Telecoms

Winches can be pre-set to avoid exceeding required cable pulling tension – furthermore cable winches include a recording facility and USB port recording for drum identification, time, length, cable pull and setting of maximum overload.

Cable winches – lv mv hv Pulling & Laying Products

Complete range of LV, MV and HV cable pulling products for installation into trench or duct including LV, 11kV/33kV medium voltage (MV), 66kV/132kV high voltage (HV) and EHV transmission and distribution cables up to 400kV.

Cable Winches

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