Ellis Emperor ES32-39 Cable Cleats

Ellis Emperor ES32-39 Cable Cleats


Single Cable Cleats 

Cable Cleat Maximum Short Circuit Test Level 156/195/235kA

Cable Cleat Spacing 600/300/25mm

Ellis ES32-39 Emperor Cable Cleats manufactured by Ellis Patents from stainless steel and are ideal for single cable applications where the highest level of short circuit withstand are required – suitable for LV (Low Voltage), MV (Medium Voltage) and HV (High Voltage) power cable circuits.

Ellis Patents ES32-39 cable cleats are suitable for securing single-way power cables between 32-39mm overall cable diameter offering rapid installation and the ultimate protection against the harshest environmental conditions and short circuit protection faults on high voltage power cable systems.

The cleats are available in a range of sizes with range taking ability to suit cables in single or trefoil formation.

Emperor Cable Cleats form part of the Ellis Patents range of single cable cleats – also available in stainless steel Emperor trefoil cable cleats for cable diameters ranging from 19-128mm.

Ellis Cable Cleat ES32-39

Technical Specification

The Emperor cable cleats covers the following range of outside cable diameters:

  • Cable Cleat Diameter Min 32mm
  • Cable Cleat Diameter Max 39mm
Ellis Emperor ES32-39 Cable Cleats

Ellis ES32-39 Emperor Cleat 32-39mm

Ellis patents ES32-39 Cleat Dimensions

  • Width 91mm
  • Height 89mm
  • Depth 54mm
  • P 25mm
  • 2 x M 10 + 1 x M12 Cleat Fixing Holes
  • Weight 450g

Emperor Cable Cleats are compliant with the requirements of London Underground (LU) standard LUL-1085 – product register number for cable cleats is 362. Also DNV Approved and ABS Type Approved Product – UL listed cleats include ES32-39 to ES94- ES118.


Specification details for Ellis Patents Emperor ES32-39 cable cleat for single cable applications:

Emperor Cable Cleat Part Number Min Dia (mm) Max Dia (mm) W (mm) H (mm) D (mm) P (mm) Cleat Fixing Holes Weight (g)
Ellis Patents ES32-39 32 39 91 89 54 25 2 x M10 + 1 x M12 450

Recommended fixing methods include using either two 10mm bolts or a single 12mm bolt (available as extras), although other bolt sizes can be accommodated.


Ellis Emperor ES32-39 Cable Cleats

Ellis Emperor ES32-39 Cable Cleats – Dimensions

Remove the closing flange nut. Remove the base pad Replace the appropriate pad Close the hinged arm
1. Remove the closing flange nut. 2. Remove the base pad (if required) and fix the cleat to support structure using either the single central or two outer fixing positions. 3. Replace the appropriate pad and install the cables. 4. Close the hinged arm and refit the flange nut (18mm socket required). The head of the screw is held in position so that only a single power tool is required to tighten the nut from one side.

Important. Do not over tighten the cleat. The liner should be in contact with the cable but does not need to be so tight that the cable bulges at either side of the liner

Ellis Patents

See Ellis Patents for further details about cable cleats for LV-HV cable support and retention.

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