Ellis Patents Emperor Stainless Steel Trefoil Cable Cleats (19-128mm)

Ellis Patents Emperor Stainless Steel Trefoil Cable Cleats (19-128mm)

Cable Cleats

Emperor Cable Cleats

Trefoil Cable Cleats

  • Manufactured By Ellis Patents
  • Maximum Short Circuit Test Level 156/195/235kA
  • Cable Cleat Spacing – 600/300/25mm
  • Cable Cleat Type – Single & Trefoil Cables
  • Material – Stainless Steel 
  • Cleat Range Single Cables – 32-150mm
  • Cleat Range Trefoil Cables – 19-128mm

Thorne & Derrick International, based in the UK, stock and distribute the complete range of cable cleats and cable hangers manufactured by Ellis Patents including Emperor cleats for short circuit retention and cable protection of LV (Low Voltage), MV (Medium Voltage) and HV (High Voltage) cable systems in single-way or trefoil installation.

Ellis Patents Emperor Cable Cleats are stainless steel trefoil cable cleats for cable diameters ranging from 19-128mm for cable applications where the highest level of short circuit withstand are required.

Emperor cable cleats are designed for rapid installation and offer the ultimate protection against the harshest environmental conditions.

The frame is tightened and locked using a combination of M12 set screw, nyloc nut and washer in A4 stainless steel, screw head retainer in LSF Nylon (Zero-Halogen, Low Smoke & Fume) and LSF polymeric washer. The cleats are also supplied with an integral LDF polymeric liner and base pads.

International Standard IEC 61914:2009

Ellis Patent cable cleats manufactured from stainless steel with international specifications are used to clamp and retain LV MV HV cables including 11kV and 33kV networks depending on short-circuit calculations according to IEC61914 calculations.

For cable installations where corrosion protection is required, including onshore and offshore substations or hazardous area locations, see our complete range of  ➡ stainless steel cable cleats.

Project Application: Emperor Cleats (Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals) – cable cleat manufacturer, Ellis Patents recently demonstrated export expertise and excellent in providing high specification trefoil cable cleats compliant with ADCO (Abu Dhabi Company for Petroleum Oil Operations) requirements for the cable management of medium/high voltage (MV-HV) on the Al Dabbiya Surface Facilities project. Emperor cleats designed to clamp and support cables where the highest levels of short circuit protection are required are available for both single and trefoil applications – manufactured from 316L the stainless steel cable cleats provide excellent corrosion protection for cable management in both onshore and offshore hazardous area locations.

Emperor Cable Cleats

Ellis Patents Emperor Cable Cleats

Maximum Short Circuit Test Level Cleat Spacing

  • 156kA 600mm
  • 195kA 300mm
  • 235kA 225mm

International Approvals

The Ellis Patent Vulcan cable cleats are approved, certified and listed by DNV GL, ABS, UL and London Underground LUL – S1085 (Product Register Number 361). Specialist application cable cleats include: LSF Zero Halogen | Fire Resistant & Rated | Hazardous Areas | MV HV 11kV 33kV 66kV | EHV 132kV 400kV

DNV Cable CleatsABS Cable CleatsUL Listed Cable CleatsLU LUL Cable Cleats

Installing Cable Cleats

Installation instructions for single way cables using Emperor cleats manufactured by Ellis Patents:

Remove the closing flange nutRemove the base padReplace the appropriate padClosed the hinged arm
1. Remove the closing flange nut.2. Remove the base pad (if required) and fix the cleat to support structure using either the single central or two outer fixing positions.3. Replace the appropriate pad and install the cables.4. Close the hinged arm and refit the flange nut (18mm socket required). The head of the screw is held in position so that only a single power tool is required to tighten the nut from one side.

Important. Do not over tighten the cleat. The liner should be in contact with the cable but does not need to be so tight that the cable bulges at either side of the liner.

Ellis Patents Emperor Cable Cleats Testing Information

Should you require test samples or further specification details about Emperor cable cleats please contact us:

PropertiesIEC 61914:2009 Classification ClauseUnits / ClassificationEmperor Single Cable Application Test Data
Cleat Type6.1, 6.1.3Composite
Impact Resistance6.3, 6.3.5, 9.2Very Heavy Classification (5kg at 400mm)Pass
Resistance to Electromechanical Force (undertaken at Damstra Laboratories NL)6.4, 6.4.3, 9.5kA @ 300mm Centres M10 Fixings (withstanding one short circuit)195 (Report No. PDL- 09.098.2)
Resistance to Electromechanical Force (undertaken at Damstra Laboratories NL) 6.4, 6.4.3, 9.5kA @ 600mm Centres M10 Fixings (withstanding more than one short circuit)156 (Report No. PDL08.074.1)
Temperature for Permanent Application6.2ºC-40 to +60
Needle Flame Test10.0, 10.1Application Time (seconds)> 120
Lateral Load Test9.3Newtons (N)Refer to Ellis Patents for further details
Axial Movement Test9.4Newtons (N)650
Ellis Patents Emperor Stainless Steel Trefoil Cable Cleats (19-128mm)

Ellis Patents Emperor Stainless Steel Trefoil Cable Cleats (19-128mm)

Ellis Patents Emperor CABLE CLEAT – Trefoil Cable Application Selection Table

➡ The following selection table provides information to enable the specification or purchase of the correct Emperor cable cleat – contact Thorne & Derrick for further technical information, installation advice, samples or to place an order.

Emperor Trefoil Cable Cleat Part NumberMin Dia (mm)Max Dia (mm)W (mm)H (mm)D (mm)P (mm)Cleat Fixing HolesWeight (g)
ER19-231923968354252 x M10 + 1 x M12425
ER23-282328968354252 x M10 + 1 x M12425
ER27-322732978854252 x M10 + 1 x M12440
ER30-353035999154252 x M10 + 1 x M12445
ER33-3833381039554252 x M10 + 1 x M12460
ER36-42364212410054502 x M10 + 1 x M12600
ER40-46404612510654502 x M10 + 1 x M12605
ER44-50445013011754502 x M10 + 1 x M12630
ER48-55485513212154502 x M10 + 1 x M12640
ER51-58515813612854502 x M10 + 1 x M12650
ER55-62556216013554752 x M10 + 1 x M12810
ER59-66596616314354752 x M10 + 1 x M12825
ER63-70637016615154752 x M10 + 1 x M12850
ER67-74677416915854752 x M10 + 1 x M12850
ER71-78717817216554752 x M10 + 1 x M12890
ER74-82748217717154752 x M10 + 1 x M12890
ER77-85778518317754752 x M10 + 1 x M12905
ER82-88828819118754752 x M10 + 1 x M12805
ER88-96889620720354752 x M10 + 1 x M12850
ER96-1039610322121854752 x M10 + 1 x M12940
ER103-11110311123723554752 x M10 + 1 x M12950
ER111-11911111925325054752 x M10 + 1 x M121010
ER119-12811912826527554752 x M10 + 1 x M121220


Ellis Patents Emperor Stainless Steel Trefoil Cable Cleats (19-128mm)

Ellis Patents Emperor Stainless Steel Trefoil Cable Cleats (19-128mm)

Cable Cleats v Cable Ties

The Video produced by Ellis Patents provides compelling evidence of the need to ensure all cables are adequately supported and retained to cable containment to protect against the devastating effects of short circuit faults: 118kA Short Circuit Fault Current | 0.1 Seconds Duration | 480V Low Voltage Cables. 

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