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LV 11kV 33kV Cable Stripping Pliers 47-75mm

Cable Jointing Tools

Cable Jointers Tooling For Preparing LV MV HV Cables  – cable tools for installing 3M, Nexans and Pfisterer joints, terminations or connectors

Boddingtons 244PG4 Tool

LV MV HV Cable Sheath Cutting Tools

  • Cable sheath tool used to remove PVC, PE and EPR sheaths
  • Suitable for single-core or three core cables
  • Cable cutting application range: diameter Ø 47-75mm
Boddingtons Electrical Part Number 244PG4
Cable Tool Weight (g) 820
Cable Tool Length 290mm
Cable Cutting Capacity Ø 47-75mm


➡ See Outer Cable Sheath Removal Tools for more cable tooling.

LV 11kV 33kV Cable Stripping Pliers 47-75mm - Boddingtons 244PG4 Tool

Boddingtons 244PG4 Tool – Cut, Strip & Remove Cable Sheath Jackets