Pfisterer 850110150

Pfisterer 850110150

Pfisterer 850110150

Pfisterer 850110150 Connex Separable Connectors Size 1 are suitable for terminating and connecting high voltage single core cables (XLPE EPR) with copper wire screens and 150sqmm cable cross section. Connectors are suitable for up to 11kV-12kV – order Pfisterer 870110150 for separable connectors without voltage tap.

For inner cone connector version with voltage tape correct order code is CONNEX 850110150.

Available in 3-core version on request for the termination of multi-core medium/high voltage power cables into gas insulated switchgear (GIS) with Size 1 inner cone type equipment bushings.

Pfisterer 850110150 CONNEX Separable Connectors (Size 1) 


  • Manufacturer Pfisterer
  • Brand CONNEX
  • Separable Connector Size 1
  • Maximum Operating Voltage : 11kV-12kV
  • Current Rating 630A (amps)
  • Cable Cross Section : 150sqmm
  • Diameter Over Cable Conductor : 13.8mm – 15.1mm
  • Cable Insulation Thickness : 3.4mm
  • Diameter Over XLPE Cable Insulation (11kV/12kV) : 20.0mm – 23.5mm
  • With Voltage Tap (without voltage tap – Pfisterer 870110150)

Pfisterer Connex Separable Connectors Size 1



Pfisterer CONNEX Separable Connectors (Size 1)(w/ voltage tap) Pfisterer CONNEX Separable Connectors (Size 1)(w/o voltage tap) Maximum Operating Voltage  Cable Cross Section Diameter Over Cable Conductor Cable Insulation Thickness (nominal) For Diameter Over XPLE Insulation (11/12kV)Ø 
850110150 870110150 11/12 kV 150sqmm 13.8mm – 15.1mm 3.4mm 20mm – 23.5mm


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Size 1 Connectors – Pfisterer MV CONNEX Medium Voltage Cable Plugs

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