Prysmian Multicleat 378AB05 Trefoil Cable Cleats

Bicon 378AB05

Trefoil Cable Cleats

Prysmian Multicleat 378AB01 Trefoil Cable Cleats

Prysmian 378AB05 stainless steel Multicleats form part of the Bicon 378 series of trefoil cable cleats designed specifically for cleating low and high voltage (HV) cables in harsh, hazardous area and substation environments – cable cleats suitable for single core cables and single core cables laid in trefoil formation with high fault current requirements and short circuit current up to 114kA peak (43 rms).

Prysmian 378AB05 Multicleats cable cleats with single or double bolt fixing are suitable for LV, MV, HV cables up to 60mm outer sheath diameter and can be used with all standard ladder and tray systems.

Epoxy coated Multicleat cable cleats are available for heavy industrial substation and hazardous area locations – order code Prysmian 378AB55.

Prysmian 378AB05 Trefoil & Single Multicleat Cable Cleats

  • Manufacturer Prysmian
  • Cable Cleat Brand BICON
  • Aluminium Cable Cleat Base
  • Stainless Steel Cable Cleat (Strap)
  • Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSF LSOH)
  • Single or Double Bolt Fixing Types
  • Trefoil Cable Cleats Outside Diameter Range: 50-60mm
  • LUL (London Underground) APR Product ID 1996
  • Patent number 2082242
  • Order Code 378AB05

Prysmian Multicleats – Cable Cleat Base Options:

  • 378AB05 Aluminium Cleat (2 Bolt)
  • 378AD05 Aluminium Epoxy Coated Cleats (2 Bolt)
  • 378JB05 Stainless Steel Cable Cleats (2 Bolt)
  • 378PF05 Stainless Steel Cable Cleats (Single Bolt)
  • More Bicon Cable Cleats
Prysmian Multicleats

Prysmian Multicleat 378AB05 Trefoil Cable Cleats

BICON MultiCleats

For harsh environment and hazardous area cable installations the Multicleats cable cleats consisting of aluminium or stainless steel bases with a stainless steel srap complete with a tensioning clip the BICON Multicleat system can be specified with an epoxy coating for superior corrosion resistance in outdoor polluted atmospheres. See stainless steel cable cleats for installation in both onshore and offshore locations where improved corrosion resistance is required.


Specification details for Prysmian 378AB05 cable cleat for trefoil cable applications:

Prysmian Multicleats – Aluminium Alloy Plain Base Cable Cleats  Trefoil Cable Dia (mm) Single Cable Dia (mm)
Standard 378AB** Heavy 378AB** Min Max Min Max
378AB05 378AB55 50 60

➡ See Prysmian Cable Cleats to view cable support clamps for LV, MV & HV cables including short-circuit protection for 11kV and 33kV medium/high voltage power cables – this includes Prysmian Telcleats manufactured from low density polythene providing protection against all weather conditions and simple installation in a one piece, single fixing design.