Prysmian Multicleats – Trefoil Cable Cleats (Stainless Steel) LV MV HV

Prysmian Multicleats

Cable Cleats

Prysmian Multicleats are trefoil cable cleats made from stainless steel or aluminium used to clamp, support and retain LV, HV & HV cables (including 11kV-33kV cables) in trefoil formation where single core power cables require adequate protection against high short circuit faults.

Prysmian Multicleats are part of the Prysmian BICON trefoil range of cable cleats suitable for clamping LV, MV, HV cables with diameters 24 to 145mm for use with all standard ladder and tray systems.

Epoxy coated aluminium versions or stainless steel available for harsher environments as well as plain aluminium bases for normal industrial areas or outdoor unpolluted areas.

Prysmian Multicleats Features & Benefits

  • Multicleats are suitable for clamping LV, MV, HV cables with diameters 24 to 145mm
  • All Prysmian Multistraps are manufactured from non-magnetic 316L stainless steel
  • Bespoke tensioning adaptor included with cable cleat and strap for improved closure around the cable
  • Cleat liners are made from LSOH materials (low smoke zero halogen)
  • Suitable for single core LV, MV, HV power cables laid in trefoil formation with high fault current
  • Suitable for cleating power cables in bundle formation
  • LUL APR Product ID 1996 (London Underground)
  • Patent number 2082242

Prysmian Multicleats Performance Data

Stainless Steel Cable Cleats

Prysmian Multicleats are aluminium or stainless steel base cable cleats integral with a stainless steel cable strap (Multistrap) – Multicleats are suitable for cleating cables in single, trefoil or bundled arrangement. With high system fault current rating, Prysmian Multistrap cleats are specified to clamp and support LV, MV and HV cables operating at 11kV and 33kV.

Manufactured from 316 grade stainless steel for excellent corrosion resistance to aggressive process chemicals, oils, liquids and gases prevalent in hazardous area industries including onshore and offshore oil, gas and petrochemicals.

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Libra Cleats

Prysmian Libra Cleats are suitable for single core cables laid in trefoil for use with cable diameters 24 to 76mm.

An epoxy coated version of the Libra Cleats is available offering protection in harsh environments.

LUL Approved (London Underground) Cable Cleats Product ID 1961.

Prysmian Multicleats

316 Stainless Steel Cable Cleats

Standard Duty Multicleats – Specification

Prysmian Multicleats – Aluminium Alloy Plain Base Cable Cleats  Trefoil Cable Dia (mm) Single Cable Dia (mm)
Standard 378AB** Heavy 378AB** Min Max Min Max
378AB01 378AB51 24 34 36 65
378AB02 378AB52 30 41 60 85
378AB03 378AB53 37 47 80 90
378AB04 378AB54 43 54 85 110
378AB05 378AB55 50 60
378AB06 378AB56 56 67
378AB07 378AB57 63 73
378AB08 378AB58 69 80


Multicleat / Multistrap Spacing ‘b’ m Max Short Circuit Cleat Spacing at vertical change of direction (mm)
Current kA
rms peak
Standard Duty 1.8 43 114 300
Heavy Duty 1.5 50 130 300
Heavy Duty 1.2 71 184 300

Prysmian Multistraps

Prysmian Multistraps provide intermediate cable restraint and are installed between Multicleats – both standard and heavy duty versions are available in single or 2 bolt fixing made from aluminium or stainless steel with optional epoxy coating for improved corrosion protection in polluted and hazardous area locations.

Installing Multicleat Cable Cleats In Trefoil For LV-HV (11kV-33kV) Cable Clamping & Support

Prysmian Multicleats - 11kV 33kV Cable Cleats

  1. Fasten cable cleat base to support with M10 fixings. Loop stainless steel cable strap through cleat base and around cables. Standard duty (2 loops) and heavy duty (3 loops).
  2. Pull cable strap slack into outer loop. Insert split pin from right hand side around the outer layer or cable strap about 10mm from the end – push plastic shear torque adaptor fully onto the end of the split pin and attach 13mm socket wrench. To tension the strap rotate key anti-clockwise with the socket wrench until the adaptor shears.
  3. Remove the shear torque adaptor and wrench from the Multicleat cable cleat – swing the key over and engage in slots in clip.

To ensure correct LV-HV cable restraint Prysmian Multicleat must be installed between cleats on horizontal or vertical cable runs.

Multicleat & Multistrap Cable Clamping Prysmian MulticleatsPrysmian Multicleats

Prysmian Multicleats and Multistraps are specified for securing bundles of cables with a range of outside diameters – contact T&D for technical support in order to select the correct cable cleat for both low and high voltage power cable cleating. For further information about selecting the appropriate Multicleat to satisfy short-circuit requirements.

Cleating 11kV Power Cables

11kV Cable

Prysmian Multicleats are typically used to cleat and clamp single core 11kV power cables, 50-630sqmm, manufactured to BS6622. BS6622 high voltage cable features stranded plain annealed circular compacted copper conductors, XLPE insulation, semi-conducting tape insulated, copper tape screen, PVC bedding, aluminium wire armour (AWA) and red PVC outer sheath. Flame propagation to BS EN 60332.

Trefoil Cable Cleats

Prysmian cable cleats for trefoil cable clamping single core power cables

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For further information about LV, MV & HV cable joints, terminations, cleats and glands visit Prysmian.

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