Voltage Testers | What Are Your Options for Verifying Absence of Voltage?

Published 22 Oct 2019

Panduit Verisafe AVT - How To Know If The Power Is Off

Voltage Testers: An Article by Panduit

What are your options for VERIFYING Absence of Voltage?

Safety is everything.

Workers MUST comply with safety regulations that require a voltage verification test when servicing electrical equipment

But how can you be safe and be sure the circuit is de-energized?

What if the only method is complex and exposes you to the very danger you’re trying to avoid?

Find out how a team of engineers with fresh thinking and years in the lab resulted in an entirely new product  – the absence of voltage testers (AVTs) ­– and positive proof the power is off.


Voltage Testers – Your Options

  1. Portable Test Instruments – Portable voltage testers are usually a hand-held device used to detect the presence and absence of voltage. They require a manual and time-consuming process, increasing the risk of human error. They are susceptible to user misinterpretation and process failures, which may expose workers to electrical hazards.
  2. Voltage Indicators – These are typically installed devices. When functioning properly, voltage indicators warn of the presence of voltage but do not guarantee its absence. When your voltage indicator is not illuminated, the system is de-energized. However, how can we be sure? There could be something wrong with the installation. There’s no way to know for sure that your equipment is de-energized with just a voltage indicator.
  3. VeriSafe AVT – Verisafe AVT uses active indications to tell you when your equipment is de-energized, so you know that the absence of voltage has been verified. The push of a button activates VeriSafe AVT’s automatic absence of voltage test. Here’s what the colour indicators mean when using the VeriSafe Absence of Voltage Tester…
    • Red – There is a voltage present in your equipment
    • Yellow – The absence of voltage could not be confirmed, be careful
    • Green – Absence of voltage has been verified

For the task of verifying the absence of voltage, VeriSafe AVT is both a voltage tester + voltage indicator. Be sure the light is green with VeriSafe AVT.

Panduit VeriSafe – Absence of Voltage Tester

Verisafe is UNIQUE and safety is Important.

Panduit’s fully automated, permanently mounted and first-of-its-kind industry compliant tool, VeriSafe AVT – both indicates the presence and absence of voltage.

Panduit Verisafe Instructions

The VeriSafe absence of voltage tester minimizes risk by verifying the absence of voltage before equipment is accessed. VeriSafe’s automated process and single-step activation are standardized to avoid missteps in execution and sequence. It is further constructed to resist factors that could affect its accuracy and functionality – such as mechanical or electrical failures from wear, mechanical shock and environmental extremes.

Through years of development and collaboration with industry groups, the team was able to reach proof of concept and eventually create an absence of voltage tester that performed exactly as they hoped. All that was left was for the new AVT (absence of voltage tester) product category to be defined in an industry-standard and for the safety requirements to be published.

In 2016, UL published the first-ever AVT safety and listing requirements in UL 1436.

In 2017, the VeriSafe AVT was released and now offers workers an easy, safer way to get positive proof the system is de-energized before accessing or working on electrical equipment.

Now, all it takes is a press of the test button, and a moment to wait for the green light. And, as everybody knows, green means go.

With over 60 years of infrastructure experience, our team recognized the need for a safer – and easier – way to verify a circuit is de-energized. The change our engineers had in mind was to eliminate exposure to live circuits – either by accident or during an absence of voltage test. That would mean no more hand-held meters, and no need to interact with known-live circuits as part of the test.

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