Lapp Cable ÖLFLEX® FD 90 CY Screened Power Cable Joints

Published 20 Nov 2017

Cable Joints - Heat Shrink Cold Shrink Resin Joints

Heat Shrink Cable Joints

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  • Cable Joint Type: Heat Shrink | Cold Shrink | Resin Cast
  • Cable Voltage: Low Voltage | Medium Voltage | High Voltage | Other – 600V 1000V
  • Cable Joint Manufacturer: SPS
  • Cable Manufacturer: Lapp Group
  • Cable Type: ÖLFLEX®

Cable Joint Application Notes – the smooth profile LV heat shrink cable joints were specified to connect and splice single core shielded 185mm CSA cables powering test cells located in a cable trench. The 500KW battery simulator unit provides 1000V and 1000A up to 500KW which can be supplied to several test cells.

The cable joints were required to enable the relocation of the LV distribution unit by extending the existing low voltage cables by inline jointing.

Lapp Cable ÖLFLEX® joints are available to suit single core 10-300sqmm cable conductors.

Heat shrink cable joints are compatible with polymeric cables with XLPE or EPR insulation – specialist versions of the joint kit are available for zero halogen and fire resistant cables.


Cable Joint Installation Instruction 

Once the cable insulation has been removed and stripped and the conductors jointed using appropriate crimp connectors and crimping tools the inner heat shrink tube can be positioned onto the cable to be jointed overlapping equally at both sides – the joints were supplied with Cembre connectors. Earth continuity of wire braided or wire armoured cables is achieved across the cable joint using tinned copper mesh and earth braid secured using constant force roll springs.

Connectors – both crimped or mechanical shearbolt connectors are suitable for use with heat shrink cable joints. Where mechanical shearbolt connectors are used the inner heat shrink tube may need to be increased in size. Check with T&D.

Cable Joint 1


Cable Joint 2

Heat Shrink Cable Joint Kit Installation


Lapp Cable ÖLFLEX® FD 90 CY Screened Power Cable Specification

Highly flexible, screened single core cable with PVC insulation and PVC sheath – certified for North America.

ÖLFLEX® FD 90 CY manufactured by Lapp Group is a screened single core power cable for use in low voltage power chains with UL/CSA AWM certification – EMC compliant copper screening. Flame retardant according to IEC 60332-1-2 & CSA FT1. High oil resistance. Low adhesive surface. 4000V test voltage.

Lapp Cable ÖLFLEX®

Cable Joints Lapp Group

Cable Applications

  • Power chains or moving machine parts
  • Internal wiring of electric and electronic equipment in switch cabinets
  • Power circuits of servomotors driven by frequency converters
  • Test systems in the automotive industry, vehicles and stationary fuel cell systems
Lapp Group

Headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, the Lapp Group is a leading supplier of integrated wire, cabling and connector products and solutions. Lapp Group manufactures and supply’s electrical and fibre optic cables, industrial plug-in and screw connectors, cabling solutions, automation technology and technical accessories. Lapp Group’s core markets are in the mechanical and plant engineering and electronics manufacturing sectors, with rapid market expansion in the renewable energy, mobility and life science industries.

Cable Joints

Thorne & Derrick International can specify and supply standard and bespoke LV cable joints utilising heat shrink, cold shrink or resin cast type jointing kits.

Should you have a specific application for LV, MV, HV up to 33kV cable joints please contact us. For further information:

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