CSD Marine Grade Cable Transit Sealing System Supplied Onboard Kintra II Passenger Vessel

Published 18 Oct 2023

CSD Duct Seals

Thorne & Derrick | Stockists & Leading UK Distributor for CSD Sealing Systems

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Thorne & Derrick, a UK Specialist Distributor for CSD Sealing Systems, have recently supplied a technical solution to Rathlin Ferry for their Kintra II passenger vessel.

Together with CSD we provided a cable duct sealing system suitable for marine and offshore environments – protecting against flood water and gas ingress where cables are often routed through cable transits that are exposed to harsh weather conditions and potential flooding.

Sealing Application

The client contacted Thorne & Derrick requiring a solution that provided a safe and secure way to seal and protect cable and pipe penetrations through the bulkheads. The bulkheads that they were looking to pass cables through were rated at A60 and any system installed also needed to be A60 rated to maintain the integrity. The system also needed to provide fireproof and watertight seals that complied with International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and SOLAS regulations.

Thorne & Derrick contacted CSD, The Global Leader in Fire, Water & Gas Penetration Sealing Systems who initiated a consultation with the client to identify the optimum solution. After an extensive call with CSD’s Operations Director, Anthony Jordan discussing the application further it was decided that the original enquiry for Rise Duct Seals was more suited to the onshore market and a suitable alternative was offered.

CSD NOFIRNO Duct Seals - Multi Cable & Pipe Transit Sealing

CSD NOFIRNO  Seals – Multi Cable & Pipe Transit Sealing

Sealing Solution

It was determined that the NOFIRNO Multi-Cable Transit System which is approved for harshest fire ratings for pipe penetrations (A, H and Jet Fire class) was the best solution.

This is because this type of system holds the required certification and provided the A60 rating required. Designed specifically to maintain the safety of the vessel by providing fire protection and ensuring the bulkheads remain gas and watertight when cables need to pass through them.

CSD Marine Grade Cable Duct Sealing System Supplied Onboard Kintra II Passenger Vessel

The NOFIRNO system comprises of rubber and filler sleeves and sealant, the system is used to treat transit openings for cables and pipes in walls, floors, bulkheads or decks, so that it is fire-resistant and sealed against gas, smoke and water.

It consists of only a few components: NOFIRNO sealant; a silicone based fire resistant, water repellent sealant, a correctly fitting NOFIRNO cable sleeve  and NOFIRNO multi-filler sleeves, supplied in bonded strips to make the system easy to install.

The system consists of a correctly fitting NOFIRNO rubber sleeve placed around each cable with the free space then packed with rubber multi filler sleeves. The rubber sleeves are 40mm shorter than the overall transit length to allow the seal to be completed with a 20mm layer of sealant at each end of the transit.

Anthony Jordan Operations Director at CSD Sealing Systems commented, “We were pleased to support Thorne & Derrick, our Specialist Distributor, with the technical aspects of this enquiry helping to make ensure the customer was provided with a sealing solution that met their specification requirements and also provided a certified system to help improve safety and protect lives when the vessel is in service.”

CSD NOFIRNO Seals – Multi Cable & Pipe Transit Sealing – Installation Layout

CSD NOFIRNO Duct Seals - Installation Layout

Why did the existing frame need extending?

During the phone consultation with Anthony it was discussed that to meet the requirements of an A class fire rating the existing frame needed to be extended  from the existing120mm in length. The system is tested at a minimum length of 180mm for A60 and 200mm for A0.

Anthony confirmed that CSD generally recommend using a 200mm to ensure all ratings are covered. The length of the penetration helps to prevent heat transfer between compartments and also ensures you have sufficient rubber materials for the system to perform when there is a fire.

It is imperative to ensure that not only there is no fire breakthrough where these cables pass through the bulkhead but also that the heat on the non-fire side does not increase to a level where there could be ignition on the non-fire side.

NOFIRNO Multi-Cable Transit System Advantages

The NOFIRNO system consists of high-quality, non-toxic silicone-based rubber seals and high-strength steel frames. The rubber seals are designed to expand and fill the space around the cables, providing a tight seal that prevents fire and smoke from spreading throughout the ship. The frames are designed to securely hold the seals in place and provide a strong and durable barrier against fire and water.

Using the NOFIRNO multi-cable transit system on a passenger vessel can provide many benefits, including:

  • Enhanced safety and protection: The NOFIRNO system provides a high level of fire resistance and watertightness, ensuring that passengers and crew are protected from potential hazards
  • Easy installation: The system is easy to install and requires minimal tools and equipment. This reduces installation time and costs, making it an efficient and economical option for shipbuilders and owners
  • Flexibility: The system can accommodate a wide range of cable and pipe sizes, and can be customized to fit the specific needs of each vessel
  • Durability: The NOFIRNO system is made from high-quality materials that are designed to withstand the harsh marine environment and provide long-lasting performance

With its proven track record of success, this CSD system is an excellent choice for anyone looking to protect their cables from the damaging effects of flood water and gas ingress.


Kintra II was commissioned by Kintra Boat Tours in 2020.

It is an 82 passenger catamaran for trips and tours of the North Coast and Rathlin Islands. As the design of Kintra proved so popular with guests, Kintra Boat Tours decided to keep the same design with a few added extras.

Rathlin Island, Northern Island

Rathlin Island, Northern Island

CSD Training with the T&D team

Staff & Support Training Day | Anthony Jordan (Operations Director) has supported T&D for over 20 years. Anthony recently invited the team to visit the CSD offices in Cramlington providing product refresher and hands on training for the team.

Cable Duct Sealing Hands on Training At CSD Offices

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