Live Line Indicator | Safety Alert & Network Rail Approved Live Line Indicators

Published 04 May 2021

Live Line Indicators | Safety Alert & Network Rail Approved Live Line Indicators

Safety Advice

Live Line Indicator

Action Required Following a Serious Incident

Withdrawal of the Metrohm HVD03/2D live line indicator from use by Network Rail staff.

  • Issued to: All Network Rail line managers, safety professionals and accredited contractors
  • Ref: NRA20-10
  • Date of issue: 14/08/2020
  • Location: National
  • Contact: Linda Penfold, Professional Head Contact Systems (AC/DC) or  Felix Langley, Professional Head of Power Distribution HV/LV

Live Line Indicator Safety Advice


The Metrohm HVD03/2D (PADs Number 094/007055) live line indicator shall be withdrawn from use by all Network Rail staff from the 14th August. Contractors and third parties are still permitted to use the HVD03/2D after the 14th August 2020 until a future date. Although where alternate live line indicators are available, they shall be used in preference to the HVD03/2D.

Until the HVD03/2D live line indicator have been completely withdrawn, the 3-metre rule will remain in place as in the Safety Advice NRA20-05. For devices that do not have a proving unit, a weekly check on a known live 25kV supply must be carried out as stated in the briefs.

Staff should only use the following live line indicators:

The lifesaving rules and associated guidance for Test Before Earth and Test Before Touch on 25kV OLE must still be followed as in the Safety Advice NRA18-12.

Immediate action required

HVD03/2D live line indicators must be quarantined and not used by Network Rail staff after the 14th August 2020. Staff should only use live line indicators that they have been briefed to use. Always use live line indicators as instructed.

If at any point staff feel unsafe with any aspect of working on or about the 25kV OLE infrastructure and associated electrical safety risks they should discuss their concern with their supervisor.

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