Network Rail Approved Connectors (PADS Certified)

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Network Rail Approved Cable Connectors (PADS).

Sicame UB Connectors – Network Rail Certificate of Acceptance PA05/06172 for jointing stranded circular shaped conductors on return screen conductor (RSC) in accordance with NR/PS/TEL/31102 rail standard.

See also Pfisterer Sicon mechanical shearbolt connectors with Network Rail (PADS) approval for jointing, terminating and connecting trackside power cables, signal and telecoms up to 33kV.

Pfisterer Sicon Cable Lugs Connectors 11kV 33kV

Pfisterer Sicon Cable Lugs & Connectors – stepless shearbolts for jointing and terminating 11kV, 33kV and 66kV power cables

Network Rail approved CONNECTORS  – pads certified Cable Connectors & lugs
  • 332593010 (PADS 054/010281) Mechanical Straight Connectors 25-150sqmm
  • 332592010 (PADS 054/010282) Mechanical Straight Connectors 50-240sqmm
  • 332599010 (PADS 054/039337) Lug Connectors 25-150sqmm
  • 332595010 (PADS 054/039338) Lug Connectors 50-240sqmm
  • 332601010 (PADS 054/212155) Mechanical Straight Connector 10-95sqmm
  • 332602010 (PADS 054/212156) Mechanical Straight Connector 95-300sqmm
  • 332604010 (PADS 054/212161) Cable Lug Connector 10-95sqmm
  • 332595011 (PADS 054/212162) Cable Lug Connector 50-240sqmm
  • 332605010 (PADS 054/212163) Cable Lug Connector 95-300sqmm
  • 332605011 (PADS 054/212164) Cable Lug Connector 95-300sqmm
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Network Rail Approved

Network Rail Approved Cable Connectors & Accessories LV MV HV


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