Detectamesh Detectable Underground Warning Tapes

 Detectamesh Detectable Underground Warning Tapes

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Cable & Pipe Warning Tapes


Detectamesh detectable underground warning tapes, manufactured by Boddingtons, are coloured plastic detectable mesh netting for cable marking and detecting buried underground pipes, cables and utility service lines.

Boddingtons warning tapes covers can be used in conjunction with cable protection covers, cable and pipe locators or cable avoidance tools for the location of underground cables and lines.

Detectamesh detectable mesh is manufactured from high strength coloured rot resistant homopolymer polypropylene plastic mesh incorporating a traceable stainless steel wire or aluminium foil strip, and overprinted with a warning message in black. Available in a range of colours including blue, green, red and yellow.

The warning message can be printed to suit the users requirement subject to minimum order quantities. Texts can be printed for gas lines, electrical cables, water lines, sewer lines and fibre optic cable lines or pipes offering cable protection for a range of different applications.

Detectamesh - Detectable Mesh

Pictured: Detectamesh Detectable Mesh – protection of underground water mains pipes.

Detectamesh Underground Warning Tapes

Features & Benefits

  • Special manufacturing available: Widths (inches): 4″, 8″, 12″ & 20″
  • Lengths : 328 feet to 820 feet
  • Special manufacture available any colour, size, text or language
  • Detectamesh manufactured to BS EN 12613:2001
  • Bagged for storage and protection
  • Bespoke texts manufactured to order
  • Cable crimps, lugs, connectors and crimping tools available

Underground Warning Tapes

Technical Specification

Warning tapes are available for the protection and visual identification of electric, water and gas utility services:

Detectamesh Text / ColourSizeBoddingtons Part NumberDetectamesh Image
Caution Water Main Below – Blue200mm x 100m016747 – (Wire)Caution Water Main Below - Blue
Caution Water Main Below – Blue200mm x 100m016761 – (Ali/foil)Caution Water Main Below - Blue
Caution – Storm Water Culvert Below – Blue200mm x 100m016846 – (Wire)Caution - Storm Water Culvert Below - Blue
Caution-Buried Gas Pipe – Yellow200mm x 100m016167 – (Wire)Caution - Buried Gas Pipe - Yellow
Caution-Electric Cable Below – Yellow200mm x 100m016181 – (Wire)Caution-Electric Cable Below - Yellow
Caution-Fibre Optic Cables – Green200mm x 100m017263 – (Wire)Caution-Fibre Optic Cables - Green
Raw Water Main Below – Green200mm x 100m045969 – (Wire)Raw Water Main Below - Green
Caution: Sewer Below – Red200mm x 100m017508 – (Wire)Caution Sewer Below - Red
Caution-Fire Mains Below – Red200mm x 100m017584 – (Wire)Caution - Fire Mains Below - Red
Caution-Sewerage Pumping Main Below – Red200mm x 100m017607 – (Wire)Caution Sewerage Pumping Main Below - Red
Caution-Gravity Sewer Below – Red200mm x 100m017621 – (Wire)Caution Gravity Sewer Below - Red
Caution-Pressure Sewer Below – Red200mm x 100m017645 – (Wire)Caution Pressure Sewer Below - Red
Caution-Non Potable Water Main Below – Red200mm x 100m017683 – (Wire)Caution Non Potable Water Main Below - Red
Caution-Fuel Pipe Below – Red200mm x 100m017669 – (Wire)Caution Fuel Pipe Below - Red
Caution-Telephone Cable Below – Green200mm x 100m017126 – (Wire)Caution Telephone Cable Below - Green
Caution-Street Lighting Cable Below – Yellow200mm x 100m016082 – (Wire)Caution Street Lighting Cable Below - Yellow

Detectamesh Installation

  1. It is recommended that the detectable mesh be buried halfway between the buried service and the surface of the earth.
  2. Unroll the Detectamesh onto the backfill in the trench ensuring that it is earthed at both ends.
  3. Join the wires of rolls or cut lengths using Boddingtons crimps.
  4. Backfill the trench further to the surface.
  5. The mesh can easily be detected down to one metre.
  6. Please consult T&D for further details of the exact depth your equipment can locate to.
Detectamesh Detectable Mesh Installation

Detectamesh Detectable Mesh Installation

Boddingtons Crimps & Crimping Tool

Crimping Tool - 043385 Stainless Steel Wire Crimps 043347

Crimping Tool – 043385 | Stainless Steel Wire Crimps – 043347

It is essential that all joints in the Detectamesh are completed using Boddingtons joining crimps to enable a strong corrosion resistant connection. The crimping tool has serrated jaws to ensure a good connection and prolonged security. If the mesh wire is not connected correctly then the signal may not pass from roll to roll. To ensure a continuous signal along the mesh it is important to use Boddingtons wire crimps and crimping tool. This gives the join sufficient strength to cope with most back fills. If it is not installed correctly then the signal may not pass from join to join.


  1. Peel back the top tape at one end to expose the wire
  2. Insert the crimp over the wire on one of the mesh rolls. Push the wire right through so that about 5mm protrudes from the end
  3. Insert the wire from the other mesh into the crimp
  4. Crimp the joint together using the crimping tool
  5. Check that you have a strong connection by pulling firmly on the two ends. If the wire comes out, make the connection again
  6. The Detectamesh can now be laid and the trench back filled
Underground Cable Duct & Protection Covers

Thorne & Derrick distribute the complete range of Cable Pulling, Sealing & Protection Ducts for the installation of LV MV HV cables – this includes cable covers for 11kV Tapetile, 33kV Stokbord and cable ducts for low/medium/high voltage cable protection with associated duct seals to protect against flood, gas migration or fire spread. To support cable installations an extensive range of cable pulling equipment is supplied including cable rollers, cable socks and drum handling equipment.

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Distributors for Polypipe & Emtelle Cable Ducting Products

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