Tapetile Cable Covers – 11kV Cable Protection For Underground MV-HV Cable Trench

Centriforce Tapetile® Cable Protection Rolls

Cable Protection Covers


Tapetile cable warning tape manufactured by Centriforce is rolled out into the cable trench for quick and easy protection of low voltage, high voltage, street lighting and underground electricity cables up to 11kV.

These cable protection covers and products are manufactured from 100% recycled plastics (polyether polymers) which is both strong and flexible enough to be able to offer greater protection than traditional cable warning tape.

Tapetile’s bright colours make it highly visible and it also offers impact protection against damage to utilities as it does not shatter on impact. Rot resistant and chemically inert materials mean Tapetile cable protection tape has a long service life. These products comply with ENA TS 12-23 and EN 12613:2009 standards.

Supplied in roll format, Tapetile is easy to use, with installation being as simple as unrolling the tape in the trench. These cable covers can be custom coloured and printed and is available to all DNO specifications.Centriforce Stokbord Taptile Cable Covers 11kV 33kV

Tapetile Cable Protection


Standard sizes available are:

  • 40 metres x 150mm x 2.5mm
  • 40 metres x 200mm x 2.5mm
  • 50 metres x 150mm x 2mm
  • 50 metres x 200mm x 2mm

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Tapetile warning tape can be produced up to 4mm thickness and 600mm width. Centriforce Tapetile Cable Protection Covers

  • Electric : Red/Brown background with yellow tape/black lettering
  • Fibre Optic : Green background with black lettering
  • Gas : Yellow background with black lettering
  • Water : Blue background with black lettering

➡ Tapetile cable protection is available in other colours upon request. Contact T&D for more information.

Tapetile Cable Covers

Centriforce Tapetile cable protection rolls are available custom printed to DNO specifications including SSE Scottish & Southern Energy, Scottish Power SP Energy Networks, Electricity North West, Northern Powergrid, Western Power Distribution, UK Power Networks and NIE Northern Ireland Electricity – providing 11kV and 33kV underground cable protection.Stokbord Tapetile

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