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Protection & Warning of LV Low Voltage Cables & Utility Services | Non-detectable & Detectable Warning Tapes

Locata underground cable warning tapes are a part of the Cable Protection Covers range from Centriforce. They offer a cable protection and cable strike avoidance solution for identifying underground pipes and cables due to coloured polyethylene tapes printed with a warning message.

Cable protection and strike avoidance products are used for new utility and electricity connections where mains cabling and trenching requires the identification of Low Voltage (LV) Cables.

Cable warning tapes provide a clear visual indication of the presence of buried services and location marking for underground electric cables – this includes High Voltage Cable Below printing for power cable protection above 1000 Volts (Service Cables). A detectable cable warning tape is also available – the underground tape features an embedded stainless steel tracer wire enabling detection from the surface using cable avoidance tools (CAT and Genny) prior to excavation.

Detectable Warning Tapes | Electricity, Gas, Water & Telecoms Services

Detectable Warning Tapes | Electricity, Gas, Water & Telecoms Services

Warning Tapes for Utility Cables & Pipes

Centriforce Locata underground cable warning tapes are coloured plastic, non-adhesive film manufactured from linear low-density polyethylene. Centriforce marker tape is printed with a message to warn of the presence of buried utilities e.g. electric cables, telecommunications or fibre optic cables, gas pipelines or water pipelines.

Underground warning tape is usually installed a certain distance directly above the service line to be clearly marked ensuring future excavators will be aware of the cable or pipeline further below.

Warning and marker tapes will only offer a visual warning to excavators. They are not intended to offer any protection or resistance to further excavation. Marker tapes may also be used in combination with Stokbord cable protection tiles or Tapetile cable protection tape.Centriforce Stokbord Taptile Cable Covers 11kV 33kV

Cable Warning Tapes

Identifying plastic marker tapes for cables and pipes provide advanced warning of service locations on private property.

Low Voltage LV

Underground Cable Warning Tapes

Cable Warning Tapes Features

  • Tape manufactured from high grade low density polyethylene polymers for underground pipe cable warning
  • Resistant to most soil types including alkaline and acidic soils for trench applications
  • Lead free pigments
  • Cable warning tapes available in a range of thicknesses
  • Custom manufacturing options – custom printed options
  • See 33kV range of cable cover protection
  • See 11kV range of cable cover protection

➡ Selection table for Cable Warning Tapes for damage prevention to underground cables, including plastic cable covers.

Tape Colour Cable Warning Tape Printed Text Tape Roll Size /WidthTape Thickness
YellowCaution – Electric Cable Below365m x 150mm 100µm + 50µm
Caution – Electric Cable Below (+ Arabic Text)365m x 150mm100µm + 50µm
Caution – Gas Main Below365m x 150mm100µm + 50µm
Caution – Street Lighting Cable Below365m x 150mm100µm + 50µm
PurpleCaution – Street Lighting Cable Below365m x 150mm50µm
BlueCaution – Water Pipe Below365m x 150mm100µm + 50µm
GreenCaution – Telephone Cable Below365m x 150mm100µm + 50µm
Caution Fibre Optic Cable Below365m x 150mm100µm + 50µm
RedCaution Foul Sewer below365m x 150mm100µm + 50µm

Centriforce is able to offer Locata underground warning tapes in a range of colours, all manufactured to customer specific roll sizes and thicknesses. Together with Thorne & Derrick they can also offer a very fast turnaround on specific printing requirements with custom warning messages and logos.

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