Tapetile Cable Protection – 200mm x 2mm x 50m Rolls

Centriforce Tapetile® Cable Protection Rolls

Cable Protection Covers

Tapetile cable warning tape manufactured by Centriforce are cable protection covers which provide protection to 11kV cable in underground MV-HV cable trenches – suitable for underground gas mains, electricity or telecoms cables and water pipes.

Thorne & Derrick stock and distribute Tapetile as well as the most extensive range of Cable Pulling & Laying Equipment to enable the installation of all types of LV MV HV EHV Cables into underground trench or cable ducts.

Tapetile SpecificaTION

  • Roll Length – 50 metres
  • Width – 200mm
  • Thickness – 2mm
  • Total Specification – 200mm x 2mm x 50m Rolls
  • Product Type – Tapetile Cable Protection


Tapetile Cable Covers

Centritile is a registered trademark of Centriforce Products Limited, the market-leading manufacturer of Underground Cable Protection to Low and High Voltage Power Cables and Pipes in the electric, gas and water utilities.

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