Rescue Hooks & Rescue Sticks

Rescue Hooks & Rescue Sticks

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Electrical Safety & Rescue Equipment

CATU rescue hooks and rescue sticks are an essential electrical safety item for the retrieval of victims from electric shock and are insulated from 45kV up to 225kV for safe working in medium/high voltage substations. Rescue hooks and sticks protect against electrical shock and are a common feature of electrical substations and are constructed from a white resin polyester/glass fiber foam filled tube.

Rescue hooks are suitable for switchrooms, substations, plant rooms, generator rooms, UPS battery rooms and computer/data centres – the rescue sticks (commonly referred to as “hooks”) are used to remove persons incapacitated by electrical shock from the danger area, such as high voltage substations or switchrooms, without endangering the lives of others.

Rescue hooks are suitable for switchrooms, substations, plant rooms, generator rooms, UPS battery rooms and computer/data centres.

Pictured | CATU CM-45 is an insulating stick with operating hook for MV substations. CM-45 rescue sticks are insulated for use with MV-HV voltages up to 45kV.

➡ The CATU-225 is an extended length pole for use on indoor high voltage power networks up to 225kV – the insulating stick measures 2.25 metre in length and is made of durable and electricity-resistant polyester and glass fibre, fully insulating the pole when held by the user. Stick is equipped with a rubber handguard. Thorne & Derrick stock and distribute sticks suitable for use on 45kV and 90kV systems.

CATU Part Ref Voltage Stick Length Weight
CM-45 45kV 1.50m 750g
CS-45* 45kV 1.65m 1,000g
CM-90 90kV 1.85m 800g
CS-90* 90kV 2.05m 1,100g
CM-225 225kV 2.25m 850g
CS-225* 225kV 2.45m 1,350g
* Delivered with wall mounted supports
Rescue Hook
CATU Part Ref Characteristics Dimensions Weight
CS-01-C Adaptor C 345mm x 345mm 350g

CATU Electrical Safety

Thorne & Derrick distribute the most extensive range of Electrical Safety & Distribution Equipment including Arc Flash Clothing to the Power Transmission & Distribution industry in the onshore and offshore wind, solar, rail, oil/gas, data centre, battery storage and utility sectors. We service UK and international clients working on underground cables, overhead lines, substations and electrical construction at 11kV and up to and EHV transmission and distribution voltages.

CATU Electrical Safety

T&D distribute a full range CATU Electrical Safety equipment including Arc Flash Kits, Insulating Boots & Safety Shoes and Voltage Detectors

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