Pfisterer CONNEX Separable Connectors Size 0 24kV 250A 25-70sqmm Cables

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MV-HV Inner Cone Cable Plugs, Connectors & Terminations – Pfisterer CONNEX Size 0

MV-HV Switchgear & Transformer Cable Terminations – 11kV 12kV 24kV

Pfisterer CONNEX size 0 inner cone cable plugs terminate MV-HV power cables into GIS (gas insulated switchgear) with inner cone bushings size 0 (250A amps) – size 0 CONNEX connectors are specified for cable terminations at 11kV-12kV up to 24kV operating voltages.

Pfisterer size 0 inner cone plug separable connectors are suitable for terminating and connecting high voltage single core cables (XLPE EPR) with copper wire screens up to 24kV – plugs suitable for indoor and outdoor cable terminations with or without voltage taps.

Pfisterer Connex MV HV Medium High Voltage Cable Connectors

Size 0 Connectors – Pfisterer MV CONNEX Medium Voltage Cable Plugs

Pfisterer CONNEX Size 0

250Amp MV-HV Cable Connectors – fEATURES

CONNEX connectors suit:

Pfisterer CONNEX Inner Cone Plugs Terminations Connectors

Pfisterer CONNEX Inner Cone Plugs, Terminations & Connectors For MV-HV Cable Systems

  • DIN VDE medium-high voltage power cables
  • RM type conductor (stranded circular) aluminium or copper
  • Single core MV-HV power cables with copper wire screen/unarmoured
  • Cable sealing system (bell flange seal and heat shrink tubing)
  • For indoor and outdoor cable applications (11kV-24kV)
  • Not soil-resistant or offshore-proof
  • 3 CONNEX separable cable connectors per set
  • 3-core variant on request for XLPE power cables (11kV-24kV)

Should you require any assistance with selecting or specifying cable joints, terminations, connectors and plug-ins for MV-HV cables, please contact T&D.

Pfisterer Size 0 MV Connex

Separable Connector Specifications

Pfisterer CONNEX Separable Connectors (Size 0)(w/o voltage tap)Maximum Operating VoltageCable Cross SectionDiameter Over Cable ConductorCable Insulation Thickness (nominal) Diameter Over XLPE Cable Insulation (11/12kV-24kV)Ø 
87001002511kV-12kV25sqmm5.6mm – 6.5mm3.5mm12.7mm – 16.3mm
87001003511kV-12kV35sqmm6.6mm – 7.5mm3.4mm12.7mm – 16.3mm
87001005011kV-12kV50sqmm7.7mm – 8.6mm3.4mm15mm – 19.2mm
87001007011kV-12kV70sqmm9.3mm – 10.2mm3.4mm15mm – 19.2mm
87002002524kV25sqmm5.6mm – 6.5mm5.5mm15mm – 19.2mm
87002003524kV35sqmm6.6mm – 7.5mm5.5mm18mm – 21.7mm
87002005024kV50sqmm7.7mm – 8.6mm5.5mm18mm – 21.7mm
87002007024kV70sqmm9.3mm – 10.2mm5.5mm20mm – 23.5mm

MV-CONNEX Separable Connectors, Size 0 Technical Data and Size Classification List

Max. operating voltage Um  (kV) 24
Rated voltage U (kV)20
Line-to-earth-voltage U(kV)12
Nominal current In  (A)250
Cross section Min. (mm2)253516
(Guide value)² Max. (mm2)707050
Diameter Min.
(Set value)³ (mm) Max.11.9
Voltage tapwithout
Diameter of Min. insulation3) after removing the outer (mm)12,7
Semi-conducting Max. layer (mm)23,5
Rated AC voltage  5 min. (kV)54
Partial discharge level at 2 x U(pC)≤ 10
Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage (BIL) (kV)125
DC voltage test 15 min. (kV)72
Rated short time 1 s (kA)16
Current 3 s (kA)
Rated impulse current (kA)40
  1. If not required, the voltage tap must be earthed separately.
  2. The min. and max. cross sections can only be achieved by maintaining the min or max. diameter across the conductors and the min. or max. diameter across the insulation.
  3. The entire diameter range is covered by various components.

Type tested in accordance to IEC 60 502-4:2005 / DIN VDE 0278-629-1:2006

Pfisterer Cable Plugs 11kV 33kVPfisterer Cable Plugs 11kV 33kV

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Pfisterer CONNEX Size 0

Thorne & Derrick – Pfisterer Stockists & Distributors

Pfisterer CONNEX components enable onshore and offshore LV-HV cable jointing, terminating and connecting of GIS Switchgear, Transformers, RMU (Ring Main Units), Capacitors, Transducers, Motors & Cable Sealing End Boxes – also surge arresters, busbar couplings, pluggable substation connectors and Sicon mechanical shearbolt cable lugs and splices for 11kV/33kV switchgear connection of MV-HV power cables.

➡ For further information about Pfisterer CONNEX size 0 plugs please refer to the product sections below – to support the installation of Pfisterer inner come plugs T&D stock the Alroc range of cable jointing tools.

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