11kV Joint 3 Core XLPE Cables 120-185sqmm SPAJ 17.5X-120-185-3

11kV Joint 3 Core XLPE Cables 16-35sqmm

11kV Heat Shrink 3 Core Cable Joints

11kV heat shrink cable joints are suitable for medium/high voltage (MV-HV) 3 core XLPE cables.

Heat shrink cable joints suit 11kV cables with 120sqmm, 150sqmm or 185sqmm 3 core conductors (copper or aluminium).

Shrink Polymer Systems 11kV cable joints are tested to CENELEC standards HD 628 S1 and 629.1 S2:2006 encompassing VDE 0278 and IEC 60502 – heat shrink joints are smooth profile design ideal for confined spaces, direct burial and vertical jointing of cables.

11kV Joint 3 core Cables

  • Cable Joint Type – Heat Shrink
  • Cable Voltage – 11kV
  • Number of Cores – 3 Core
  • Conductors – 120sqmm, 150sqmm, 185sqmm
  • Cable Type – XLPE / PILC / PICAS
  • Joint Kit Order Code – SPAJ 17.5X-120-185-3
  • Conductor JointingPfisterer Sicon (Mechanical) or Cembre (Crimp)

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The following enables the heat shrink joint kit selection for 11kV 3 core cables with XLPE insulation:

11kV Cable Joint – Part Code Conductor Size Cable Types
SPAJ 17.5X-16-35-3 3 Core 16-35qmm 11kV XLPE
SPAJ 17.5X-50-95-3 3 Core 50-95sqmm 11kV XLPE
SPAJ 17.5X-120-185-3 3 Core 120-185sqmm 11kV XLPE
SPAJ 17.5X-240-300-3 3 Core 240-300sqmm 11kV XLPE


Cable Joints

Cable Joints – LV MV HV joints suitable for all cable construction, arrangement and installation requirements from 6.6kV, 11kV up to 33kV.

Cable Terminations

To support the range of 11kV joints, T&D also distribute 11kV cable terminations for both indoor and outdoor use on underground and overhead power networks – typically used to connect high voltage power cables into air insulated switchgear/substations the heat shrink terminations provide excellent reliability, safety and availability from stock for immediate delivery:

  • Stress Control & Anti-Tracking
  • Electrical Insulation MV HV Terminations
  • Adhesive Lined Moisture Protection Heat Shrink Tubings
  • Excellent Mechanical Protection Of MV HV Cables
  • Resist UV & Thermal Degradation
  • Visit Joints, Terminations & Connectors MV HV 

T&D distribute 3M, Pfisterer Connex, Nexans Euromold and Elastimold.