3.8kV 6.6kV XLPE Insulated Wire Armoured PVC Sheathed Power Cables


Mining Cables

3.8kV 6.6kV XLPE Power Cable

XLPE Insulated Wire Armoured PVC Sheathed Power Cable BCS656 Description: Plain annealed copper (PAC) conductors, semi-con. XLPE/XLPE insulated/semi-con. XLPE, copper taped, laid up, PVC bedded single (SWA) or double (DWA) galvanised steel wire armoured and PVC sheathed.

The SWA designs can also be supplied with steel binder tape over the single wire armour. All designs contain a PETP tape and a bitumen compounded hessian tape over the bedding sheath. In the case of the double wire armoured designs a bitumen compounded hessian tape is also applied between the two layers of armour. Bitumen compound is applied under, between and over the armouring wires in all designs.

Cable Voltage 3800 / 6600 Volt.

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mining Cable Specification

  1. Phase conductor – PAC conductors
  2. Phase insulation – Extruded semi-con. XLPE
  3. Phase insulation – Extruded natural XLPE
  4. a – Insulation screen – Extruded semi-con. XLPE. 4b – Insulation screen – Copper tape
  5. Phase identification – Red, yellow, blue
  6. Lay up – Cores laid up
  7. Bedding sheath – Extruded PVC
  8. Additional bedding – PETP tape and bitumen compounded hessian tape
  9. a – Armour – Galvanised steel wires. 9b – Armour – Steel binder tape
  10. Overall sheath – Extruded PVC black

3.8kV 6.6kV XLPE Insulated Wire Armoured PVC Sheathed Power Cables

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