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3M 91-AV140

Resin Cable Joint

3M 91-AV120

3M 91-AV140 Scotchcast resin cable joint kits are designed to cable repair, splice or joint multi-core non shielded polymeric low voltage flexible, reeling and trailing power cables with outside cable diameter range 29sqmm-34sqmm – complete range of cable joints are available in both Cold Shrink and heat shrink technology for LV (Low), MV (Medium) and HV (High) Voltage power cables.

The 3M 91-AV140 kit consists of mould body with closure clip, Scotchcast 2131 resin bag, spacer tape, Scotch 23 self amalgamating tape, Scotch 33+ vinyl tape, CC3 cable cleaning pad, abrasive strip, disposable gloves and detailed Jointing instructions.

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LV MV HV Reeling Cable Joints

The Scotchcast resin repair kits from the 91-AV range are used to repair sheath/jacket damage to LV MV HV reeling cable applications on container handling cranes, log handling cranes, stacker reclaimers, ship loaders and unloaders, and other similar material handling applications involving frequent reeling and un-reeling use – this includes Protolon and Panzerflex brand cables.

The completed 91-AV splice repair joint features smooth tapered profile eliminating snagging, cable hang-up and splice end lifting.

Protolon Cables

3M 91-AV140

Cable Joint Kit Selection

Scotchcast cable joints manufactured by 3M Electrical.

3M 91-AV120

3M 91-AV140


3M 91-AV140 Specifications

Flexible Cable Joint

Cable Diameter Range
29 – 34sqmm
Cable Type
Multicore, Non-shielded, Rubber Insulated Reeling Cables
Flame Retardant
Scotchcast Resin
Number of Conductors
Up To 5 Conductors
Resin Type
SC 2131
Shelf Life
36 Months
Splice Type
Cable Jacket Repair and Inline Splice
Voltage Rating
0.6/1 kV Flexible Cables


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Cold Shrink

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