3M Cold Shrink vs Heat Shrink

Published 24 Jan 2018

How To Abandon Cables

A series of How-To videos for repairing, jointing and terminating cables using 3M Cold Shrink & Scotchcast products.

Cold Shrink

This video by 3M Electrical shows the benefits of using 3M Cold Shrink compared to heat shrink cable accessories to insulate, joint, repair and terminate cables.

3M cold shrink tubes utilise a unique cold applied delivery system which is designed to make cable jointing, insulating, termination and abandonment as simple as possible without any of the inherent workplace risks associated with “hot-working” and using naked flames to activate heat shrink type cable accessories.

Cold shrink reduces the risk of damaging XLPE cable insulation caused by scorching or over-heating of the cable by the jointer. No cooling time is required before energising cables.

Cold Shrink Benefits

Installation is fast and an easy one-step installation process:

  • Labour Savings – enables installation of cable accessory in 1/3 of the time or less compared to heat shrink equivalents
  • Tooling – no special heating tools or “hot-work” work permits required
  • Compact – smooth profile cold shrink limits volume displacement on cable tray where congregated cable joints are located
  • Outdoor – resistant to weathering for continued outdoor service in environmental and exposed locations
  • User Friendly – easy to learn and train with less installation steps
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See How To Use Cold Shrink Tubes.  

3M Cold Shrink Tubes - EPDM Rubber

3M Tubes – available in EPDM Rubber or Silicone

Depending on the application cold shrink is available manufactured in EPDM Rubber or Silicone – contact us to discuss your application.

Cold Shrink creates a static and stable cable seal that does not expand or contract with the cable under thermal cycling of LV-HV cables, potentially leading to the creation of voids between the cable accessory and the cable which could lead to a joint or termination failure.

3M Cold Shrink

Cold Shrink – invented by 3M over 40 years ago and now the preferred technology for heat-free jointing, terminating, sealing and abandonment of LV HV cables

We hope you find this video informative and educational, contact T&D for technical support, quotations and stock availability for 3M Cold Shrink.

Trust Cold Shrink

  • Low Cable Failure Rates*:
    – 0.067% for Cold Shrink Cable Joints & Cable Splices
    – 0.022% for Cold Shrink Terminations
* Data based upon U.S. failure data of U.S. manufactured 3M Cold Shrink Medium Voltage Cable Accessories between 2009 and 2012.



Should you require support about selecting the correct 3M Cold Shrink product range for use with low, medium or high voltage cables please contact us – a complete range of Cold Shrink cable joints and terminations is available for MV-HV cables, including 11kV/33kV.

➡ Visit 3M Electrical for further information about 3M cable joints, terminations, tapes and insulation to seal, repair, splice and connect LV MV HV cables.

3M Cold Shrink vs Heat Shrink

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