3M Cold Shrink Cable Terminations 11kV 33kV (Medium High Voltage MV HV Cables) – Standard

Cold Shrink Cable Terminations | 3M

Cold Shrink Cable Terminations | 3M

Cold Shrink

Thorne & Derrick distribute 3M Cold Shrink Cable Terminations for medium and high voltage 11kV 33kV electrical systems – we provide competitive prices for cold shrink cable terminations from extensive stocks to UK and international destinations.

Using cold shrink cable terminations reduces the risk of cable jointer error or inflicting damage to medium/high voltage cable insulation, including XLPE and EPR. The cable terminations are compact and easier to use in enclosed areas or confined space switchgear and cable boxes typically distributing 11kV/33kV electricity.

Cold shrink does not require any cooling down time before the cable can be energised unlike heat shrink cable terminations.

Additionally no special “hot-working” site permits are required where cables need to be connected or terminated into MV-HV electrical equipment located in hazardous areas with potentially explosive atmospheres according to ATEX Directive (Zone 1 & Zone 2).

Cold Shrink Terminations – stress control, cable insulation and a water resistant seal is achieved without heat, torches or adhesives. Simply unwind the core to install for a fast, safe cable termination.

Cable Terminations

Cold shrink terminations are simple to install without special tools other than typical cable jointing tools to remove cable sheath and strip insulation/semicon screens from medium/high voltage power cables.

Many components of 3M cold shrink terminations have a one-part construction ensuring a rapid and effective installation.

3M’s standard QTII range (Quick Term II) of cold shrink terminations are partially integrated offering a viable cost-based alternative to heat shrink methods.

The 3M QTII termination comes with an integrated stress control tube and an outer insulator with good track resistance but requires moisture blocking mastic, silicone grease-stress relief and stress control mastic to be applied separately however heat or extra tooling is not required.

Also available are 3M’s premium cold shrink cable termination (3M QTIII) range which are fully integrated to further reduce installation steps and room for MV-HV cable jointer error.

The Simple Application of A 3M Cold Shrink Cable Termination

11kV Cable Terminations - Single Core Indoor 11kV Cable Terminations - Single Core Indoor 11kV Cable Terminations - Single Core Indoor 11kV Cable Terminations - Single Core Indoor
1. Prepare the cable as normal and clean with 3M Cable Cleaning Wipes 2. Place the 3M Cold Shrink termination body over the cable end and position at the correct point on the cable 3. Begin to remove the inner core, allowing the termination to cold shrink down onto the cable 4. Once the inner core has been fully removed, the cable termination installation is complete


Also: 3M Cold Shrink Cable Joints are available to splice, repair and joint MV-HV power cables up to 33kV.

3M Cold Shrink Cable Terminations MV HV

  • 11kV Cable Terminations – Single Core Indoor – 50-1000sqmm conductor range
  • 11kV Cable Terminations – 3 Core Indoor & Outdoor – 50-300sqmm outdoor conductor range, 25-240sqmm indoor conductor range
  • 33kV Cable Terminations – Single Core Indoor/Outdoor – 25-1000sqmm outdoor conductor range, 25-500sqmm indoor conductor range
  • 33kV Cable Terminations – 3 Core Indoor/Outdoor – 25-240sqmm conductor range
  • 33kV Cable Terminations (Taped) – 3 Core In/Outdoor – 25-240sqmm conductor range
  • 45/52kV Cable Terminations – Single Core In/Outdoor – 70-1000sqmm conductor range

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Cold Shrink Terminations 3M

Cold Shrink Terminations – Manufactured By 3M | MV HV Joints & Terminations | 11kV 33kV

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