3M CSCAK1 Cold Shrink Cable Abandonment Kit

3M CSCAK1 Cold Shrink Cable Abandonment 12 – 18mm Cables

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Cable Abandonment I Temporary & Permanent I 12 – 18mm Cables

3M CSCAK1 Cold Shrink cable abandonment kits are used for abandoning single and multi-core low voltage power and instrumentation cables, 600/1000v up to 1.9/3.3kV.

CSCAK1 provides cable abandonment, environmental cable sealing, mechanical protection and cable grounding up to 18mm diameters.

  • Abandon Min Cable OD: 12mm
  • Abandon Max Cable OD: 18mm
  • Order Code: 3M CSCAK1

3M cable abandonment kits seal or pot end live cable ends – each cable core is separately sealed using a small cold shrink end cap and a screen bandage applied to reinstate earth fault protection.

Finally, an outer cold shrink cable cap is installed to abandon and seal the cable end. For sealing de-energised LV cables to protect against water ingress or contaminants, please see 3M Electrical Cold Shrink cable end caps.

3M CSCAK1 : Suits LV Cables XLPE EPR Insulated Cables, PVC or Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH), Lead Sheath, Wire Armour (SWA) & Wire Braid (Galvanised & Phosphur Bronze), includes onshore and offshore marine and shipwiring cables. Up to 3.3kV.

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Technical Specification

  • Abandon Power Cables Overall Cable Diameter: 12 – 18mm
  • Abandon Instrumentation Cables Number Of Pairs: Up to 5

3M Cable Abandonment Kit List – 3M CSCAK1

  • Cable End Cap
  • Cold Shrink Tube – Pre Stretched Tube (PST)
  • 3M Scotch 23 Self Amalgamating Insulation Tape
  • Armour/Earth Connection Components (Braided & Armoured)
  • Installation Instructions

CSCAK1 Shelf Life: 3M Cold Shrink Tubes & End Caps have a 5 year shelf from date of manufacture when stored at the recommended temperature of 1-27°C at <75% Relative Humidity.

3M Cable Abandonment Kits

3M Cable Abandonment Kits

Cold shrink cable joints also available, including MV-HV cable voltages 11kV-33kV.

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