Cold Shrink Cable Caps

Cold Shrink Cable Caps

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Cable Caps

Low Voltage, Medium Voltage & High Voltage Cable End Cap Seals

Cable caps manufactured from Cold Shrink by 3M Electrical provide pressure-tight and impermeable water sealed cable ends for cables which are not longitudinally water-proof – moisture ingress into exposed cable ends severely effects the performance of electrical cables causing power failures overtime.

3M Cold Shrink cable caps environmentally seal and mechanically protect exposed low and high voltage cable ends using no heating tools, mastics or Scotch electrical tapes – excellent for quick and easy cold shrink cable end capping in the field without resort to heat shrink gas torches and bottles.

3M Cold Shrink | Seal Cable Ends

3M Cold Shrink | Seal Cable Ends | end caps for sealing stored or exposed cable ends to prevent cable corrosion caused by water ingress up to 84.3mm diameter.

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Cold Shrink

3M Cold Shrink cable end caps are close-ended, tubular rubber sleeves that are factory expanded and loaded onto a removable core.

When positioned over the end of a cable, the cable end cap core is removed to provide a reliable seal that protects cable ends from environmental damage including moisture, contamination, corrosion, ozone, ultra-violet and radiation.

Four different sized end caps are available ranging from 11.6mm up to 84.3mm for capping cable ends in indoor or outdoor locations.

Cable Caps

Cable Caps – used to seal and protect cable ends for cable drums in storage or on site

3M Cold Shrink Cable Caps – Features

3M Cold Shrink Cable Caps

3M Cold Shrink Cable Caps

  • Simple and fast installation of cable caps, no tools required
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Seals tight, retains resiliency and pressure even after prolonged years of ageing and exposure
  • Water-resistant cable end seals
  • No mastic or electrical tape required
  • No gas torches or heating tools required
  • Cable end caps resist fungus
  • Resists acids and alkalis
  • Resists ozone
  • Cable caps are easily removed
  • No training required for installation of cold shrink cable caps
  • Also Cable Abandonment Cold Shrink

If preferred, heat shrink cable caps, are also available to cap ends of all cable types.

Cable Caps Selection Chart

The table provides specification details and selection guidance for the 3M Electrical range of Cold Shrink type cable end caps – the EC range:

3M Cold Shrink Cable Caps Part NumberCable Diameter Use Range (mm)
EC111.6 – 20.9
EC215.9 – 30.1
EC326.0 – 49.2
EC445.5 – 84.3
Test MethodsTypical Value
300% Modulus (ASTM D-412-75)480 psi
Ultimate Tensile (ASTM D-412-75) Original1400 psi
Ultimate Elongation (ASTM D-412-75) Original750%
Die C Tear (ASTM D-624C-73) Original150 pli
Fungus Resistance (ASTM G-21) 28 Days ExposureNo Growth
Moisture Absorption 7 Days at 90ºC in H2O1.8% Weight Gain

The 3M Cold Shrink End Caps can be safely and quickly removed from cables – simply life the edge of the EPDM rubber end cap, slice the material carefully with a utility knife and the cable cap will detach cleanly leaving no residue, grease or cable damage.

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Cold Shrink Caps for Sealing Wire Armoured Plastic Sheathed Pilot & Telecoms Cables

Mark and remove the cable outer sheath and steel wire armours 20mm from the end of the cable, as shown in the steps in Figure 1. Apply a patch of butyl mastic over the end of the cable then build up over the inner sheath to the diameter of the outer sheath with the mastic tape and finish 40mm from the end of the cable, as shown in the steps in Figure 2. Uncoil the first 3 or 4 spirals of the plastic insert from the Cold Shrink end cap and fit over the cable and butyl tape. Remove the remaining spirals from the the end cap to effectively seal the cable, as shown in the steps in Figure 3.

Sealing Cables with Cold Shrink Caps | 3M Electrical | EC Range Sealing Cables with Cold Shrink Caps | 3M Electrical | EC Range Sealing Cables with Cold Shrink Caps | 3M Electrical | EC Range

Cutting & Capping 11kV 33kV EPR & XLPE Cables

The cable jointer should wear appropriate PPE and protective gloves prior to cutting HV cables – usually insulated hacksaws are used to cut the cables at the relevant position and then the cap the cable firmly attached to the cable drum to prevent water penetration. Water travels easily through exposed cable ends due to the MDPE oversheath of EPR/XLPE insulated type 11kV/33kV power cables being loosely extruded and the absence of any water blocking between the sheath inner and the copper wires.

Storing & Cutting Cables

Moisture penetration into cables leads to conductor and armour corrosion which causes a deterioration in the transmission capability of the cable – temporary measures such as PVC insulating tapes or loose-fitting plastic caps will not provide sufficient protection against water ingress into the cables. Cold Shrink cable caps exert a constant radial pressure with tight seal onto the cable providing an environmental seal of all types of de-energised LV MV HV cables. Pressure-tight and impermeable cable ends using cable caps provide waterproofing to cables during transportation or storage.

Why Play With Fire? Keep Your Cool with 3M Cold Shrink……Ignition Triangle

Heat shrink cable joints, terminations and cable accessories require naked flames.

But hot-working with heat shrink gas torches poses serious dangers with respect to ignition sources in industrial and hazardous areas – air, naked flames and the presence of atmospheric combustible substances trigger the Ignition Triangle.

Install 3M Cold Shrink for a first class safety and service record without any hidden dangers.

3M Cold Shrink products include cable joint kits, cable termination kits, cable abandonment kits and cold shrink tubing. Specified for offshore oil, gas, petrochemical, rail, utility and construction projects at low and high voltages.

Used as standard for sealing de-energised (“dead”) redundant cable ends in Zone 1 and Zone 2 potentially explosive atmospheres according to the ATEX Directive.

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