3M EC1 Cold Shrink End Caps

3M EC1 Cold Shrink End Caps - 11.6 – 20.9mm Cables

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Cold Shrink

EC1 Cold Shrink End Caps – 11.6 – 20.9mm Cables

3M EC1 Cold Shrink End Caps offer LV-HV cable protection from exposure to moisture, contamination, corrosion, ozone, UV radiation and other environmental hazards.

Fast and easy to install without requiring the use of “heat shrinking” tools, such as jointers gas torches, and accommodates a wide range of cable sizes – EC1 cable caps manufactured from Cold Shrink by 3M Electrical are suitable for sealing de-energised LV, MV and HV cables (including 11kV-33kV) up to 20.9mm outside cable diameter.

  • End Cap Min Cable OD: 11.6mm
  • End Cap Max Cable OD: 20.9mm
  • Order Code: 3M EC1

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Use 3M CSCAK kits for temporary or permanent cable abandonment of redundant onshore and offshore LV cable circuits including steel wire braided, armoured or lead sheathed.

3M EC1


  • Cable Diameter – 11.6mm to 20.9mm
  • Cable Cap Length – 55mm

Complete range of 3M Cold Shrink Cable End Caps are available from stock for immediate delivery:

3M Electrical  Cable Cap Range
3M EC-1 11.6-20.9mm
3M EC-2 15.9-30.1mm
3M EC-3 26.0-49.2mm
3M EC-4 45.5-84.3mm

Cold shrink cable joints also available, including MV-HV cable voltages 11kV-33kV.

Cold Shrink Terminations 3M

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