Cable Abandonment Kits – Using 3M Cold Shrink CSCAK Kits (Installation Guide + Video Demo)

Published 04 Feb 2019

Cable Abandonment Kits

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Cable Abandonment Kits

Onshore & Offshore Power Cables

3M Cold Shrink Cable Abandonment Kits are suitable to abandon onshore and offshore polymeric (XLPE and EPR) insulated cables with lead sheath and steel wire armour or wire braid (galvanised steel, phosphur bronze or stainless steel) – this includes both single and multi-core unscreened power cables, 600/1000 volts up to 3.3kV.

3M Cold Shrink Cable Abandonment Kits (CSCAK) CSCAK1 – CSCAK5 accommodate cables 12 – 81mm outside diameter.

Cable abandonment kits are generally employed to abandon cables in the offshore, marine, petrochem, nuclear and power industries on decommissioning projects. Decommissioning projects in the oil and gas sector include a requirement to safely abandon offshore power, control and instrumentation cables – 3M CSCAK kits effectively “ground” the abandoned (redundant) cable circuit thereby avoiding potential electrocution shock to engineers caused by inadvertent future energisation.

3M CSCAK kits are specified for routine offshore cable maintenance and final platform cable decommissioning where topside, subsea and drill site cables must be abandoned.

Cable Abandonment

Between now and the mid-2050s, around 470 platforms, 5,000 wells, 10,000km of pipelines and 40,000 concrete blocks will have to be removed from the North Sea. Source:

Using Cable Abandonment Kits

3M Cable Abandonment Kits require no heat source to install – “cold-applied” – and are therefore suitable for use in Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous areas with potential explosive atmospheres according to the ATEX Directive. No “hot-working” permits, no naked flames required.

Cable AbandonmentFig 1 : Prepare the cable as indicated below exposing the primary insulation, lead sheath, bedding, armour and cable oversheath – abraid the cable sheath and clean using suitable cable cleaning wipes for 50mm.



Fig 2 : Apply 3M 2228 Mastic Tape to seal the cable crutch over lead sheath and between the cable cores – 3M 2228 Scotch tape should overlap 5mm on to cable bedding or lead sheath (if applicable).

Apply 3M 2228 Mastic Tape

Fig 3 : Wrap 2 half lapped layers of 3M Scotch 24 Tape over the cable to be abandoned starting at the conductors up on to the cable armour – use binder wire over the conductors and lead sheath (where applicable) to ensure contact. Fit 3M Constant Force Spring over the Scotch 24 Tape and cable armour – if an earth is required this should be fixed between the Scotch 24 Tape and cable armour. Over tape the 3M Constant Force Spring with 2 layers of highly stretched 3M Scotch 23 Self Amalgamating Tape applied in the same direction as the spring. Continue up over the cable oversheath for 10mm.



Fig 4 : Where an earth braid is being used apply 1 layer of mastic strip around the cable sheath at given dimension, push braid into mastic and apply a second layer over the braid.



Fig 5 : Position the 3M Cold Shrink End Cap over the end of the cable as shown – shrink onto the cable by unwinding the core.

3M Cold Shrink End Caps


Fig 6 : Position the 3M Cold Shrink PST (Pre-Stretched Tube) over the cable to be abandoned – commencing 15mm on end of end cap shrink down the 3M Cold Shrink PST by unwinding core in an anti-clockwise direction.

Cold Shrink Tube

Cable Abandonment Kit Selection Table

The following 3M CSCAK selection table is based upon low voltage power cable type according to BS5467 –  XLPE insulated cables including aluminium wire armoured (AWA) single core cables and steel wire armoured (SWA) multicore cables, 600/1000 volts.

Offshore Cables. Cable abandonment kits are available to suit halogen free (zero halogen), flame retardant, MUD resistant, heat resistant and fire resistant offshore and ship board power, control, instrumentation and lighting cables – including NEK606 (RFOU BFOU EPR TCWB) and BS6883/BS7917 (UKOOA) Cables.

Cable Abandonment Kit XLPE AWA Single Core  XLPE SWA 2 Core  XLPE SWA 3 Core XLPE SWA 4 Core 3.3kV XLPE SWA Lead 3 Core 
3M CSCAK/1 1.5-6sqmm 1.5-6sqmm 1.5-4sqmm
3M CSCAK/2 70-120sqmm 10-35sqmm 10-16sqmm 6-16sqmm  –
3M CSCAK/3 150-500sqmm 50-150sqmm 25-120sqmm 25-95sqmm 25-95sqmm
3M CSCAK/4 500-630sqmm 185-400sqmm 150-185sqmm 120-150sqmm 120-185sqmm
3M CSCAK/5 800-1000sqmm  – 240-400sqmm 185-400sqmm 240-400sqmm


3M Cold Shrink Cable Abandonment Kits CSCAK

➡ Watch the Video Demonstration produced by 3M Electrical:

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