CATU CGM-2 Class 2 Mechanical Composite Insulating Gloves (IEC 60903)

CATU CGM-2 Class 2 Mechanical Composite Insulating Gloves (IEC 60903)

CATU CGM-2 Class 2 Mechanical Composite Insulating Gloves (IEC 60903)

Electrical Insulating Rubber Gloves

CATU CGM-2 are Class 2 insulating gloves to provide protection for live voltages up to 17,000V and are fully compliant with IEC 60903 and EN 60903 standards. They are also arc flash tested to IEC 61482-1-2, Class 2 and ASTM F2675/F2675M.

CGM-2 gloves provide mechanical protection and do not require silicon leather overgloves. Latex with reinforced mechanical protection against tearing.

The electrical insulating rubber gloves are made from bicolor natural latex. (exterior: orange, interior: natural). Traceability through flashcode on colour-coded label. The colour is according to the class.

Class 2 gloves ensure electrical safety and insulating levels for working near live voltages to 17,000V ac and 25,000V dc – see complete range of insulating gloves.

catu CGM-2

Class 2 Insulating Rubber Gloves

  • Product Insulating Gloves
  • Part Number CGM-2
  • Class 2
  • Live Voltage ≥ 17,000V
  • Tested Voltage 25,500V
  • Category RC – Resistant to Acid, Oil, O-Zone & Low Temperatures
  • Total Length 360mm
  • Colour Bi-Colour: Orange outside, Natural inside
  • Glove Sizes Available 7-12
  • Standards EN 60903 & IEC 60903.
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CATU Insulating Glove Part Number Size Length Class Operating Voltage AC Operating Voltage DC ATPV Category
CGM-2-08 8 360 2 1700V 25500V 12 RC
CGM-2-09 9 360 2 1700V 25500V 12 RC
CGM-2-10 10 360 2 1700V 25500V 12 RC
CGM-2-11 11 360 2 1700V 25500V 12 RC
CGM-2-12 12 360 2 1700V 25500V 12 RC

CATU CGM-2 Class 2 Mechanical Composite Insulating Gloves (IEC 60903)

To help select the correct size class 00 glove please view the image below or download our Glove Sizing Chart.

If you need any further advice about insulating gloves or electrical safety equipment for working on LV MV HV substation switchgear, transformers, cables or equipment please contact us.

Class 2 Insulating Gloves

Class 2 Insulating Gloves

CG-05 Class 00 Gloves - Selection Guide

CGM-2 Class 2 Gloves – Selection Guide


The following gloves manufactured by CATU Electrical have higher mechanical properties than the CG range and do not require leather overgloves – manufactured to IEC 60903 and EN 60903 standards.

Code Glove Class Voltage Category Length Colour
CATU CGM-00 Class 00 Gloves ≤500V RC 360mm Bi-Colour Orange Outside. Natural Inside
CATU CGM-0 Class 0 Gloves ≤1000V RC  360mm
CATU CGM-1 Class 1 Gloves ≤7500V RC 360mm
CATU CGM-2 Class 2 Gloves ≤17000V RC 360mm
CATU CGM-3 Class 3 Gloves ≤26500V RC 360mm
CATU CGM-4 Class 4 Gloves ≤36000V RC 410mm
  • R = Acid, Oil, Ozone
  • C = Very Low Temperature
Insulating Gloves

LV, MV & HV Insulating Gloves for cable jointers, linesmen and engineers live working on underground cables and overhead lines, including 11kV-33kV medium/high voltage switchgear and substations. Contact us for Electrical Safety Equipment.