Caution – Gas Main Below – Underground Warning Tapes

Underground Warning Tapes - Centriforce

Underground Warning Tapes – Centriforce Caution – Gas Main Below

Centriforce have a range of underground warning tape including the yellow gas main below offer a cable protection solution for identifying underground pipes and cables.

  • Underground Warning Tape Colour: Yellow
  • Warning Tape Text: Caution: Gas Main Below
  • Roll Size/Width: 365mm x 150mm
  • Tape Thickness:  100µm + 50µm

Centriforce is able to offer Locata underground warning tapes in a range of colours, all manufactured to customer specific roll sizes and thicknesses. Together with T&D they can also offer a very fast turnaround on specific printing requirements with custom warning messages and logos.

Underground Cable Warning Tapes

Underground Cable Warning Tapes – Centriforce Utility Protection