3M Cold Shrink Tubes EPDM Rubber – Seal, Repair, Joint, & Splice Cables

3M Cold Shrink Tubes - EPDM Rubber

3M Cold Shrink Tubes – EPDM Rubber

3M Cold Shrink Tubes

Thorne & Derrick distribute 3M Cold Shrink Tubes manufactured from EPDM Rubber for sealing, repairing, splicing and jointing cables – we provide competitive prices for 3M cold shrink tubes from extensive stocks to UK and international destinations.

For electrical insulation of low voltage cables requiring fire resistance and low smoke zero halogen (LSOH) performance please see silicone cold shrink.

Cold shrink tubes and tubing manufactured by 3M Electrical are open-ended, tubular sleeves assembled onto a removable core for quick and simple field installation by hand without specialist tools. Cold Shrink tubing is thick-walled to resist puncture, as well as being resistant to water, fungus, acids, alkalis and UV light for installation in both indoor or outdoor locations.

3M Cold Shrink tubes are simple to install as no tools are required as installation can be done by hand and once sealed the tube retains its resiliency and pressure even after prolonged years of ageing and exposure.

The pre-stretched tubes are simply unwound using the inner spiral to collapse the cold shrink tube onto the cable to create a waterproof insulating seal for most common types of rubber or plastic (EPR XLPE) insulated cables up to 1000V.

Cold Shrink Tubes

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Cold Shrink v Heat Shrink

Watch the following comparison video to learn about the benefits of 3M Cold Shrink technology – the cold applied Cold Shrink tubes feature an integral and intelligent live memory action or living seal that exerts a strong and constant inward force on the cable.

Cold Shrink provides excellent electrical insulation performance and environmental sealing for cables with fewer installation steps minimising the risk for installer error and reducing the installation time.

3M Cold Shrink Tubes Applications

EPDM Rubber Sleeves

  • Low voltage primary electrical insulation for cables rated up to 1000V
  • Direct burial (underground) or water submersion cable insulation applications – withstands cable trench backfill
  • Indoor and outdoor (UV resistant) protection of cables
  • Insulation of secondary copper or aluminium cable joints/splices
  • Cable sheath repairs – cold shrink cable jacket repairs
  • Hazardous area cable repair – no naked flames or heating required to install cold shrink

Low smoke zero halogen (LSOH) and fire resistant cold shrink is available for installation where high performance is required in fire rated applications without emission of toxic gases or fumes.

Typical Physical & Electrical Properties of 3M Cold Shrink 

Please note the following information provided by 3M Electrical Markets Division is not intended for specification purposes – values are typical, not to be considered minimum or maximum. Properties measured at room temperature 73°F (23°C) unless otherwise stated.

Physical Properties (Test Method)Typical Value US Units (Metric)
Colour Black
300% Modulus (ASTM D 412-75) Original480 psi (3,3 MPa)
Ultimate Tensile (ASTM D 412-75) Original1400 psi (9,6 MPa)
Ultimate Elongation (ASTM D 412-75) Original750%
Die C Tear (ASTM D 642C-73) Original150 pli (26,3 KN/m)
Moisture Absorption 7 Days 90°C (194°F) H20wt.gain 1.8%


Electrical Properties (Test Method)Typical Value US Units (Metric)
Dielectric Strength (Astm d 149-75) Original @ 1,78mm365 v/mil (14,3 Mv/m)
7 Days In H20 At 90°C (194°F) 282 v/mil (11,1 Mv/m)



ATEX – Potentially Explosive Atmospheres & Hazardous Area Locations (HAZLOC)

Cold Shrink is subject to a Statement of Exclusion with respect to the ATEX Directive as the tubes and technology is effectively “non-sparking” when installed in accordance with 3M Electrical installation instructions and do not pose a potential explosion risk – no “hot-working” is required.

Used extensively in Zone 1 & Zone 2 hazardous areas designated according to ATEX within the EU in both onshore and offshore locations. For specification guidance about the use of Cold Shrink products, in relation to NEC, CEC, IEC & UL Classes & Divisions please contact Thorne & Derrick.

3M Cold Shrink Tubes – 3M 8420 Series

The following table enables the selection of 3M Cold Shrink Tubes – six diameter sizes of 3M tubes cover a range of cables up to 1000 volts for copper and aluminium conductors from 10 AWG through 1000 kcmil.

3M Cold Shrink Tubes Part NoSuit Conductor Sizes AWG & KcmilMin Diameter (mm)Max Diameter (mm)Length (mm)
8423-66 – 47.814.3152
8425-72 – 1/09.917.8178
8425-82 – 1/010.220.8203
8426-112/0 – 25013.025.4279
8426-92/0 – 25013.025.4229
8427-12250 – 40017.533.0305
8427-16250 – 40017.533.0406
8428-12450 – 80024.049.3305
8428-18450 – 80024.049.3457
8428-24450 – 80024.049.3609
8429-12900 -100032.267.8305
8429-18900 – 100032.267.8457

+++ Primary Cold Shrink Use: Sealing cable lugs and terminal barrels, conduit couplings and conduit-to cable breakouts

° Shelf Life & Storage. 3M Cold Shrink Connector Insulators & Tubes 8420 Series have a 5-year shelf life from date of manufacture when stored in humidity controlled storage (10°C/50°F to 27°C/80°F and <75% relative humidity).

° Tip. To extend the service life of 3M Cold Shrink in applications which are continuously exposed to high levels of ultra-violet radiation overwrap the tubes with Scotch 33+ Vinyl Electrical Tape or Scotch 70 Self-Fusing Silicone Rubber Electrical Tape.

3M Cold Shrink EPDM Rubber Tubes

3M Cold Shrink EPDM Rubber Tube Insulators – showing providing insulation to cable  and connector

Watch 3M Cold Shrink Tube Installation Video

3M Cold Shrink Tubes EPDM Rubber

Installation Techniques

1. Remove loose core end from cut and welded end of pre-stretched tube (PST).
2. Slide Cold Shrink tube assembly onto cable and install cable connector (Fig 3).
3. Remove defects from surface of cable in seal areas.
4. Hold Cold Shrink assembly and cable in position in one hand and unwind core in counter-clockwise direction with other hand (Fig 4).

Cold Shrink Tubing - EPDM Rubber

Cold Shrink Tubing – EPDM Rubber

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3M Cold Shrink

3M Cold Shrink

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