Euromold 400LR Elbow Connector 11kV 33kV

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Euromold 400LR

Dead Break Elbow Connector

Euromold 400LR Plug-In Separable Tee Connector MV HV 

Nexans Euromold 400LR elbow connectors are used to terminate MV-HV XLPE/EPR (polymeric) insulated cables up to 33kV/36V into 400 Series Interface B Bushings with 14mm plug-in pins according to CENELEC EN50180 and EN50181.

  • 400A Connector Continuous Current Rating
  • 33kV 36kV Connector Maximum Voltage Rating

Euromold 400LR is a screened separable elbow connector specified to terminate and connect medium/high voltage cables onto Interface B bushings in the following voltage classes:

  • 6/10 (12kV)
  • 6.35/11 (12kV)
  • 8.7/15 (17.5kV)
  • 12/20 (24kV)
  • 12.7/22 (24kV)
  • 18/30 (36kV)
  • 19/33 (36kV)

To select the correct Euromold 400LR connector for termination of MV HV power cables with copper wire screen or tape screen to Interface B bushings (400 Amp) full cable specification with dimensional information is required – see the Euromold 400LR download opposite for complete technical specification of the elbow connector.

See the installation instructions for Euromold 400LR separable elbow connectors Type B Interface – download opposite.

Euromold connectors should be installed only by competent jointers trained in good safety practices involving high voltage electrical equipment.

Euromold 400LR

Euromold 400LR elbow connector with 400A current rating is designed for Interface B and covers voltages from 11/12kV to 33/36kV with a maximum conductor size of 185sqmm.

Euromold 400LR plug-in elbow connectors can be supplied as a tee connector (400TE) and with plug-in type epoxy bushings – all suitable for use with Interface B type bushings on SF6 gas-insulated switchgear.

Euromold 400LR separable elbow connectors are designed to connect all polymeric screened cables to suit CENELEC Interface Type B (400amp) equipment bushings with 14mm Plug-In pins up to 36kV.

Connector accessories include: dead-end receptacle, dead-end plug, stand-off plug and earthing plug for type B Interfaces.

  • Manufacturer – Nexans EuromoldEuromold 400LR
  • MV HV Equipment Bushing Connector – Interface B
  • Maximum Operating Current – 400A (Amps)
  • Voltage Classes – 12kV 24kV 33kV 36kV Maximum
  • Terminate & Connect Cables – Polymeric XLPE EPR
  • Conductor Cross Section Sizes – 25-240sqmm
  • Core Insulation Diameter Range – 12.0-37.5mm
  • Applications – MV HV Switchgear, Transformers, Motors
  • Dead-Break or Load-Break – Dead Break Connectors

Euromold Kit MT is required for use with copper tape screened cables, typically BS6622 cable – this comprises 3 lengths of tinned copper earth braid and constant force springs, the earth braid includes a soldered end with stud hole for the earthing connection to the HSGK cable gland or grounding point.

400LR connectors are suitable for terminating MV-HV cables with either “easy-peel” or bonded semicon screens working at 33kV – the 400 Series elbow connectors are specified for indoor cable termination applications, apply suffix (MWS) for outdoor cable connections where additional water-sealing and blocking mastic is required.

Copper Tape Screen Earthing Kits 11kV Cables 24kV Cables 33kV/36kV Cables
Nexans Euromold MT/SE1 16-50sqmm 16-25sqmm  na
Nexans Euromold MT/SE2 70-95sqmm 35-50sqmm 25-35sqmm
Nexans Euromold MT/SE3 120-240sqmm 95-185sqmm 50-70sqmm
Nexans Euromold MT/SE4 300sqmm 240-300sqmm 95-240sqmm


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Euromold 400LR Elbow Connector 11kV 33kV

Euromold 400LR Elbow Connector 11kV 33kV

EUROMOLD 400LR Specification

Euromold separable
type 400LR
Current Ir (A) – Interface B Bushings Conductor sizes (sqmm)
min max
400LR/G 12kV 400 Amps 50 240
K400LR/G 24kV 400 Amps 25 240
M400LR/G 36kV 400 Amps 35 185
Euromold 400LR Elbow Connector 11kV 33kV - Design

Euromold 400LR Elbow Connector 11kV 33kV – Design

Separable elbow connector comprising:

  1. Conductive EPDM insert
  2. Conductive EPDM jacket
  3. Insulating EPDM layer moulded between the insert and the jacket
  4. Type B – 400 A interface as described by CENELEC EN 50180 and 50181
  5. Conductor connector
  6. Cable reducer
  7. Earthing lead

The thick conductive EPDM jacket provides a safe to touch screen which ensures safety for personnel, cables and electrical equipment in medium/high voltage installations.

Euromold 400LR Selection Table

For Screened MV HV Elbow Connectors

Select the Euromold 400LR ordering part number which positions the cable most central to the minimum and maximum core insulation diameter, then substitute X using the table below. Add a ‘K’ for use up to 24 kV and add an ‘M’ for use up to 36 kV.

The complete Euromold 400LR elbow connector kit comprises the following components – cable lubricant, wipers, installation instructions and crimp chart.

Kit Contents for Euromold 400LR Connectors

Kit Contents for Euromold 400LR Connectors

Euromold 400LR
Part Number
Dia. over core insulation (mm)
min max
400LR/G-11-X 12.0 17.5
400LR/G-15-X 16.0 22.0
400LR/G-19-X 20.0 26.5
400LR/G-22-X 23.5 31.0
400LR/G-25-X 26.5 32.5
400LR/G-27-X 28.5 37.5


Aluminium Cable Aluminium
and copper
Copper Cable
DIN Hexagonal Crimp Deep Indent Crimp DIN Hexagonal Crimp
25sqmm 25.95-14-5 25(K)M-11-2
35sqmm 35(K)M-12-2 35KM-12-1 35(K)M-11-2
50sqmm 50(K)M-12-2 50(K)M-12-1 50(K)M-11-2
70sqmm 70(K)M-12-2 70(K)M-12-1 70(K)M-11-2
95sqmm 95(K)M-12-2 95(K)M-12-1 95(K)M-11-2
120sqmm 120(K)M-12-2 120(K)M-12-1 95.240-14-5 120(K)M-11-2
150sqmm 150(K)M-12-2 150(K)M-12-1 150(K)M-11-2
185sqmm 185(K)M-12-2 185(K)M-12-1 185(K)M-11-2
240sqmm 240(K)M-12-2 240(K)M-12-1 240(K)M-11-2



Provide complete manufacturers cable specification and actual bushing interface type to ensure compatibility of the Euromold connector with the medium/high voltage cable, switchgear or electrical equipment. Specification and design of the Euromold 400LR separable connector is available as a download opposite.

Euromold Connector Installation

When the core insulation is removed from the medium/high voltage cable conductor and crimp contacts are installed the 400LR connector can be installed on the cable.

  • Clean and lightly lubricate the inside surface of the 400LR connector and outer surface of the cable reducer
  • Check if the angle of the Euromold elbow connector housing is correct relative to the palm of the crimp contact and gently slide the housing on the cable until it cannot advance any further


Euromold 400LR

  • The shoulder of the cable reducer must be flush or inside of the Euromold connector housing

Euromold 400LR

  • Insert the threaded end of the pin contact into the mating part and tighten until the hex. key has taken a set

Euromold 400LR

Note: A connector/bushing mated combination should not be allowed to carry the full weight of the cable. Therefore it is necessary to clamp the cable immediately beyond the connector or cable screen adaptor.

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