Cold Shrink Indoor Cable Terminations 11kV 24kV – Euromold ITK

Cold Shrink Indoor Cable Terminations 11kV 24kV Euromold ITK

Cable Termination | Cold Shrink | Single Core | 11kV 24kV

Euromold ITK are single core cold shrink cable terminations for use indoor and specified to terminate and connect medium/high voltage cables in the following voltage classes – Cold Shrinkable terminations require no “hot-working” for safe use in potentially explosive atmospheres and hazardous area locations.

  • 6/10 (12) kV
  • 6.35/11 (12) kV
  • 8.7/15 (17.5) kV
  • 12/20 (24) kV
  • 12.7/22 (24) kV

The Euromold ITK cold shrink terminations covers voltages from 12kV to 24kV with a maximum conductor size of 1000sqmm. MV indoor termination suited for 11kV polymeric single core cables and will provide the necessary seal against moisture penetration and perfect electrical field control.

Euromold ITK cold shrink terminations have a kit of 3 terminations for use indoors in controlled environmental conditions and subject to light condensation. Suitable for connecting polymeric insulated (XLPE EPR) cable to MV-HV electrical equipment and designed to meet the requirement of CENELEC HD 629.1.

  • Manufacturer – Nexans Euromold
  • Voltage Classes – 11kV 12kV 24kV Maximum
  • Terminate & Connect Cables – Polymeric XLPE EPR
  • Single or 3 Core – Single Core
  • Cable Screen – Suit Both Copper Wire & Copper Tape Screen (Order Euromold MT Kit)
  • Location – Indoor Cable Termination
  • Conductor Cross Section Sizes – 50-1000sqmm
  • Applications – MV HV Switchgear, Transformers, Motors
  • Also Outdoor Cold Shrink Terminations 11kV 24kV

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Euromold ITK cold shrink termination Specification

The following tables enable the selection of cable terminations using Cold Shrinkable technology manufactured by Nexans:

Euromold Termination
Cold Shrink 
Distance L
Diameter Over
Core Insulation
Conductor Sizes (sqmm)
Nexans Euromold ITK 21211kV / 12kV260mm143350sqmm400sqmm
Nexans Euromold ITK 31211kV / 12kV300mm3050400sqmm1000sqmm
Nexans Euromold ITK 22420kV / 24kV260mm143325sqmm240sqmm
Nexans Euromold ITK 32420kV / 24kV300mm3050300sqmm800sqmm
Cold Shrink Indoor Cable Terminations 11kV 24kV Euromold ITK - Design

Cold Shrink Indoor Cable Terminations 11kV 24kV Euromold ITK – Design

Indoor cold shrink cable termination kit list comprising:

  1. Cable lug (not included in the standard kit) – both crimp cable lugs and shearbolt lugs are suitable
  2. Water sealing mastic
  3. Silicone cold shrink tube
  4. Stress control mastic
  5. Conductive EPDM ring

EUROMOLD ITK selection table

For Indoor MV HV Cable Terminations

Select the Euromold part number corresponding to both the system voltage and the cable insulation diameter in mm.

Kit Contents For Euromold ITK Terminations

Kit Contents For Euromold ITK Terminations


Euromold ITK Cold Shrink Cable TerminationVoltage
Diameter Over
Core Insulation
Conductor Sizes (sqmm)
3 x Nexans ITK 21211kV 12kV143350sqmm400sqmm
3 x Nexans ITK 31211kV 12kV3050400sqmm1000sqmm
3 x Nexans ITK 22411kV 24kV143325sqmm240sqmm
3 x Nexans ITK 32411kV 24kV3050300sqmm800sqmm


Euromold ITK - Cable Lugs

All commercialised European standard cable lugs can be used. Cable lugs should be within the dimensions specified (not applicable for ITK 312 and ITK 324).


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