Hawke PSG 553/RAC Cable Glands

Hawke PSG 553/RAC Cable Glands

Hazardous Area Cable Glands from Hawke

Hawke PSG 553/RAC cable glands are suitable for use with single wire armour ‘W’, wire braid ‘X’ and steel tape armour ‘Z’ elastomer and plastic insulated cables.

For particular use with:-
a) Cable inner sheaths that are not effectively filled, compact and/or circular, have tape bedding or have hygroscopic fillers.
b) Cables that exhibit ‘cold flow’ characteristics.
c) Enclosures for gas group IIC, under 2 litres in volume and containing an ignition source.
d) Enclosures for gas groups IIA or IIB, which are greater than 2 litres in volume and contain an ignition source.

Hawke PSG 553/RAC cable glands are dual certified Exd and Exe and suitable for installation in Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 21, Zone 22 and in Gas Groups IIA, IIB and IIC, 12.5-33.0mm outside cable diameters.

When used in increased safety applications the Hawke cable gland can be used to terminate braided cables where the braid and the cable outer sheath enter into the electrical enclosure or junction box.

♦ Exe IIC Gb, Exeb IIC Gb, Extb IIIC, Db Aromoured Cables ATEX & IECEx Cable Gland.

Hawke PSG/553/RAC cable gland is suitable for cable termination and installation in Zone 1 (21), Zone 2 (22) and Division 2 hazardous areas.

  • Flameproof Exdb
  • Increased Safety Exeb
  • Dual Certified Cable Gland For Hazardous Areas ATEX – IECEx


  1. Hazardous Area Cable Gland Classification – Exdb IIC Gb, Exeb IIC Gb, Extb IIIC Db
  2. Certificate No’s  – Baseefa06ATEX0056X and IECEx BAS 06.0013X
  3. Cable Gland Zone Location – Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 21, Zone 22 and in Gas Groups IIA, IIB and IIC
  4. Construction and Test Standards – IEC/EN 60079-0, IEC/EN 60079-1, IEC/EN 60079-7 and IEC/EN 60079-31
  5. Ingress Protection – IP66, IP67 and IP 68 (30 metres for 7 days) to IEC/EN 60529 and NEMA 4X
  6. Deluge Protection – DTS01
  7. Operating Temperature Range  -60°C to +80°C


Hawke Size Ref. Entry Thread Size Cable Acceptance Details ‘G’ Compressed Length Hexagon Dimensions
‘B’ Outer Sheath ‘C’ Armour/Braid
Metric NPT * Min. Max. Orientation 1 Orientation 2 Across Flats Across Corners
Standard Option
A M20 ¾” ½” 12.5 20.5 0.8 / 1.25 0 / 0.8 61.1 30.0 32.5
B M25 1″ ¾” 16.9 26.0 1.25 / 1.6 0 / 0.7 66.4 36.0 39.5
C M32 1¼” 1″ 22.0 33.0 1.6 / 2.0 0 / 0.7 70.2 46.0 50.5

➡ Cembre cable lugs available to crimp and terminate cable conductors to ensure complete termination of cable.

All dimensions in millimetres (except * where dimensions are in inches).
Metric entry threads are 1.5mm pitch as standard.


Hawke PSG/553/RAC cable glands are manufactured in Brass (standard), Nickel Plated Brass, 316 Stainless Steel or Aluminium. Brass NPT entries are nickel plated as standard.


Hawke PSG/553 RAC Cable & Gland Preparation

Cable Preparation

Strip Cable to suit equipment as shown above and expose the armour/braid ‘I’.

‘I’ = 20mm for cable gland sizes Os to C ‘I’ = 25mm for cable gland sizes C2 to F ‘II’ = to suit equipment. If required, fit shroud.

Cable Gland Preparation

Push the cable through the armour spigot (4). Spread armour/braid over the armour spigot (4) until the end of the armour/braid is up against the shoulder of the armour cone. Position the armour clamping ring (3).

Remove the inner seal (5) from the entry (6). Place the entry (6) over the armour spigot (4). Move the sub-assembly (1) and (2) up to meet the entry (6).

➡ Click Hawke Cable Glands to view the complete range of hazardous area glands certified according to ATEX & IECEx for Zone 1 / Zone 2.

Cable Joints - Hazardous Areas

To complement the range of Hawke cable glands for terminating offshore cables, including BFOU/RFOU, T&D supply hazardous area cable joints for LV-HV (up 11kV)/