High Voltage Cable Jointing & Stripping Tools For Transmission Cables

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Cable Strippers & Preparation Tools For Secondary Distribution Cables

Cable Tools | Prepare, Strip, Joint, Terminate LV MV HV Cables & Lines

Thorne & Derrick distribute High Voltage Cable Stripping & Jointing Tools for transmission cables – a complete range of cable tools are available for the preparation of Overhead Lines & Underground Cables.

High voltage cable tools for transmission cable preparation include pencilling, sheath stripping and shaving bonded semi-conductor screens from 33kV/66kV/132kV cables

T&D supply linesmens and cable jointers tools working on LV, MV or HV overhead conductors and underground cables – professional cable tools are used to prepare cables before jointing, termination or connection to overhead power lines, switchgears, transformers and substations.

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