High Voltage Class 1 Cable Duct (33kV, 66kV & 132kV) – PVCu

High Voltage Class 1 Cable Duct (33kV, 66kV & 132kV) - PVCu

High Voltage Class 1 Cable Duct (33kV, 66kV & 132kV) – PVCu

High Voltage Cable Duct

Class 1 PVCu

PVCu Power HV Class 1 cable duct from Polypipe are single wall cable protection systems for both unsealed and sealed systems, with sealed joints tested to BS EN 1277.

PVCu Power HV cable duct is fully compliant with ENATS 12-24 Class 1 specification and can be used for low, medium and high voltage cable protection applications.

Polypipe PVCu cable duct is manufactured with outer diameters of 110mm or 160mm with 6m lengths as standard and in black or red and is supplied with an integral coupler.

T&D offer a full range of LV, MV & HV power cable duct, contact us for further information.

BS EN 1277:2003 – Sealed Cable Ducts

BS EN 1277:2003 is a British Standard for thermoplastic piping systems used within buried non-pressure applications and outlines three test methods for leak tightness of elastomeric sealing ring type joints which includes internal negative air pressure (partial vacuum), a low internal hydrostatic pressure and a higher internal hydrostatic pressure.

These test methods can be carried out under 4 test conditions which can be applied individually or in combination:

  • Without any additional diametric or angular deflection
  • With diametric deflection
  • With angular deflection
  • With simultaneous angular and diametric deflection

T&D also supply duct seals which are able to provide a durable seal against high pressure water ingress into MV-HV substations and cable entries into buildings.

High Voltage Class 1 Cable Duct (33kV, 66kV & 132kV) - PVCu

T&D distribute an extensive range of cable duct seals including Filoform, CSD and Roxtec cable transits.


Product Range

  • Complies with ENATS 12-24 Class 1 specification, 450N compressive strength at 75°C
  • Complies with BS EN 61386-24:2010, 750N normal impact duty
  • IP47 rated cable duct system (watertight up to 1m) for sealed systems, otherwise IP4X
Polypipe PVCu Power HV Cable Duct
Outer Duct Diameter (mm)Polypipe Cable Duct Part NumberLength (m)Inner Duct Diameter (mm)Nominal Wall Thickness (mm)Cable Duct Colour
110mmSD7110X6BSPE & UG402B6m102mm4.1mmBlack
160mmSD7160X6BSPE & UG602B6m150mm5.2mmBlack
110mmSD7110X6RSPE & UG402B6m102mm4.1mmRed
160mmSD7160X6RSPE & UG602B6m150mm5.2mmRed
Polypipe PVCu Power HV Bends
Cable Duct Part Number – 110mmCable Duct Part Number – 160mmAngle ºBend Radius (m)Cable Duct Colour
SD7110X11.25X3.9(B or R)SD7160X11.25X3.9(B or R)11.25º3.9mBlack or Red
SD7110X22.5X3.9(B or R)SD7160X22.5X3.9(B or R)22.5º3.9mBlack or Red
SD7110X45X1.2(B or R)SD7160X45X1.2(B or R)45º1.2mBlack or Red
SD7110X90X1.2(B or R)SD7160X90X1.2(B or R)90º1.2mBlack or Red
SD7110X11.25X3.9(B or R)SSD7160X11.25X3.9(B or R)S11.25º3.9mBlack or Red
SD7110X22.5X3.9(B or R)SSD7160X22.5X3.9(B or R)S22.5º3.9mBlack or Red
SD7110X45X1.2(B or R)SSD7160X45X1.2(B or R)S45º1.2mBlack or Red
SD7110X90X1.2(B or R)SSD7160X90X1.2(B or R)S90º1.2mBlack or Red

Note: Bends for sealed systems are plain ended, bends for unsealed systems are single socketed.

Cable Ducts
Cable Duct

T&D distribute cable duct for power (LV MV HV), street lighting and motorway communications – Class 1, 2 & 3 ducts protect medium/high voltage cables operating at 11kV, 33kV and EHV up to 132kV.

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