Polypipe Ridgiduct Power Class 2 Cable Duct (LV 11kV 20kV)

Polypipe Ridgiduct Power Class 2 Cable Duct (LV 11kV 20kV)

Polypipe Ridgiduct Power Class 2 Cable Duct (LV 11kV 20kV)

Polypipe Ridgiduct Power Class 2 Cable Duct provides a durable, lightweight and flexible twinwall cable protection and fully complies with ENATS 12-24 Class 2 specification.

Ridgiduct Power Class 2 cable duct is available in five inner diameter sizes of 100mm, 125mm 150mm, 225mm and 300mm in lengths of 2m, 3m or 6m and is supplied with an integral coupler to for quick on-site connections.

Polypipe Power Class 2 cable duct is a preferred choice DNO’s and is Network Rail PADS approved.

T&D offer a full range of LV, MV & HV power cable duct, contact us for further information.

ENATS 12-24 Class 2 Cable Duct For Low Voltage Cables

ENATS 12-24 is a specification which defines the performance requirements for cable ducting. Class 2 cable duct means that the ducting provides 450N compression strength at 50ºC and is manufactured in either black uPVC or HDPE.

T&D also supply Stokbord cable covers to provide additional protection to LV-HV underground cables.

Polypipe Ridgiduct Power Class 2 Cable Duct (LV 11kV 20kV)

T&D distribute an extensive range of cable protection products including Centriforce Stokbord cable covers and concrete cable troughs.

Polypipe Ridgiduct Power Class 2 Cable Duct

Features & Benefits

  • Complies with ENATS 12-24 Class 2 specification, 450N compression strength at 50°C
  • Complies with BS EN 61386-24:2010, Type 750N, normal duty impact resistance
  • A preferred choice for Distribution Network Operators (DNOs)
  • Nework Rail PADS approved cable duct
  • Cable duct supplied with an integral coupler IP4X system (dust protection)
  • Low weight, flexible, durable and high strength
  • Good impact resistance, even at low temperatures
  • Available in an alternative twinwall split duct form for easy installation around existing cables with minimal change in strength

POlypipe Ridgiduct Power Class 2 Cable Duct

Product Range & selection table

Polypipe Ridgiduct Cable Duct Product Code Inner Duct Diameter (mm) Outer Duct Diameter (mm) Length (m) Cable Duct Quantity
Coupling Code Coupling Quantity
RB100X2 100mm 118mm 2m 85 RBC100 10
RB100X3 100mm 118mm 3m 85 RBC100 10
RB100X6 100mm 118mm 6m 85 RBC100 10
RB125X2 125mm 148mm 2m 46 RBC125 10
RB125X3 125mm 148mm 3m 46 RBC125 10
RB125X6 125mm 148mm 6m 46 RBC125 10
RB150X2 150mm 178mm 2m 36 RBC150 10
RB150X3 150mm 178mm 3m 36 RBC150 10
RB150X6 150mm 178mm 6m 36 RBC150 10
RB225X6PE 225mm 267mm 6m 14 CRD225 7
RB300X6PE 300mm 354mm 6m 9 CRD300 3

Power duct Bends & Power Drawn Bends

Polypipe Ridgiduct Power Bends
Description Part Number Radius (m) Angle º Pack Quantity
PVCu Double Socket Bend 100mm RBB100X11X2.4 2.4m 11.25º 1
RBB100X22X2.4 2.4m 22.5º 1
RBB100X45X0.45 0.45m 45º 1
RBB100X90X0.45 0.45m 90º 1
PVCu Double Socket Bend 125mm RBB125X11X2.4 2.4m 11.25º 1
RBB125X22X2.4 2.4m 22.5º 1
RBB125X45X0.61 0.61m 45º 1
RBB125X90X0.61 0.61m 90º 1
PVCu Double Socket Bend 150mm RBB150X11X2.4 2.4m 11.25º 1
RBB150X22X2.4 2.4m 22.5º 1
RBB150X45X0.61 0.61m 45º 1
RBB150X90X0.61 0.61m 90º 1
Polypipe Ridgiduct Power Drawn Bends
HDPE Twinwall Bend 100mm RBDB100X11X0.42 0.42m 11.25º 10
RBDB100X22X0.42 0.42m 22.5º 10
RBDB100X45X0.42 0.42m 45º 7
RBDB100X90X0.42 0.42m 90º 7
HDPE Twinwall Bend 125mm RBDB125X11X0.6 0.6m 11.25º 7
RBDB125X22X0.6 0.6m 22.5º 7
RBDB125X45X0.6 0.6m 45º 4
RBDB125X90X0.6 0.6m 90º 3
HDPE Twinwall Bend 150mm RBDB150X11X0.61 0.61m 11.25º 5
RBDB150X22X0.61 0.61m 22.5º 5
RBDB150X45X0.61 0.61m 45º 4
RBDB150X90X0.61 0.61m 90º 3

Note, all power drawn bends are not ENATS compliant.

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T&D distribute cable duct for power (LV MV HV), street lighting and motorway communications – Class 1, 2 & 3 ducts protect medium/high voltage cables operating at 11kV, 33kV and EHV up to 132kV.

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