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Pfisterer 870350630

Pfisterer 870350630

Pfisterer 870350630

Pfisterer 870350630 Connex Separable Connectors Size 3S are suitable for terminating and connecting high voltage single core cables (XLPE EPR – polymeric insulated) with copper wire screens up to 52kV.

CONNEX connectors suit aluminium or copper RM-conductors (stranded circular).

The MV-CONNEX range of separable connectors manufactured by Pfisterer are suitable for single core cables with copper wire screen/shield without armouring – variant connectors are also available for single or multi-core medium voltage power cables with copper tape screen and galvanised steel wire armour (SWA) or wire braided type cables.

Pfisterer 870350630 CONNEX Separable Connectors (Size 3S) 


  • Manufacturer Pfisterer
  • Brand CONNEX
  • Separable Connector Size 3S
  • Maximum Operating Voltage : 52kV
  • Current Rating 1250A (amps)
  • Cable Cross Section : 630sqmm
  • Diameter Over Cable Conductor : 28.9mm – 31.1mm
  • Diameter Over XLPE Cable Insulation (52kV) : 47.5mm – 50.0mm
  • With Voltage Tap



Pfisterer CONNEX Separable Connectors (Size 3S)(w/ voltage tap) Pfisterer CONNEX Separable Connectors (Size 3S)(w/o voltage tap) Maximum Operating Voltage  Cable Cross Section Diameter Over Cable Conductor For Diameter Over XPLE Insulation (52kV)Ø 
870350630 52kV 630sqmm 28.9mm – 31.1mm 47.5mm – 50mm


Pfisterer Connex MV HV Medium High Voltage Cable Connectors

Size 3S Connectors – Pfisterer MV CONNEX Medium Voltage Cable Plugs