E1WF16 Hazardous Area Cable Glands – Prysmian KA472-51

E1WF Hazardous Area Cable Glands - Prysmian KA472

E1WF16 Hazardous Area Cable Glands

Prysmian KA472-51 (E1WF16) E1WF hazardous area cable glands are suitable for terminating circular steel wire armoured cables with extruded polymeric bedding and oversheath in Zone 1 and Zone 2.

Prysmian E1WF16 cable glands provide high performance in high temperatures and achieves IP66 seal onto cable and to enclosure with suitable sealing washer or thread sealant.

Prysmian E1WF16



  • Manufacturer: Prysmian
  • Brand: Bicon
  • Cable Gland Size – E1WF16
  • Quantity Per Kit: 2 Cable Glands
  • Under Armour Cable Diameter Ø (A): Min 3.8mm – Max 8.7mm
  • Overall Cable Diameter Ø (B): Min 8.0mm – Max 13.2mm
  • Armour Wire Diameter: 0.9mm
  • Entry Thread (D) : M16×1.5
  • Thread Length (E) : 15mm
  • Protrusion Length (F): 41mm
  • Hexagon A/F (G): 23.4mm
  • Hexagon A/C (H): 26.7mm
  • Order Code: Prysmian KA472-51 (E1WF16)
  • Nickel Plated Version: Prysmian KA472-51V (E1WF16)
  • Hazardous Area Cable Glands 
E1WF Cable Glands – Hazardous Area Exd IIC / Ex e II (Prysmian KA472)

E1WF Cable Glands – Hazardous Area Exd IIC / Ex e II (Prysmian KA472)

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