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Single Way Cleats – Full range of Prysmian BICON cable cleats for clamping LV-HV power cables in single runs.

Single Cleats

Correct Cable Cleat Spacings

Single cables are firmly fixed using cable cleats to supports or containment with appropriate levels of short circuit protection to withstand forces corresponding to the values of the peak prospective short-circuit current of the cable system.

Cable cleats are available with optional liners to provide cushioning to LV-HV cables and prevent cable sheath damage during short-circuit fault conditions – should you require technical guidance on the specification of correct cable cleats for LV-HV power systems please contact us.

Cable cleats are covered in several regulations including IET Wiring, Lloyds Register, ABS Steel Vessel Rules, GL DNV Rules For Ships and NFPA-70 (US National Electrical Code) – they are available in both metallic (aluminium) and non-metallic polymer (nylon).

Nylon or Aluminium Single Cable Cleats

Standard nylon cable cleats are tough with a high tensile strength and abrasion resistant – usually specified for industrial cable applications where less harsh conditions and low voltage cables are installed. Specially modified cable cleats manufactured from halogen free nylon polymers providing a Low Smoke and Fume (LSF) and Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSOH) cable support.

Cable cleats approved to London Underground Standard 1-085 are available with compliant levels of smoke and toxic fume emissions.

Where higher levels of corrosion resistance are required aluminium cable cleats are specified for extended life cycle and higher levels of short circuit level withstands.

The following table provides information to enable the selection of Prysmian single way cable cleats for single cable installations in vertical or horizontal positions – cable spaces apply to multi-core cables.

The cable cleat spacings on single core cables in a.c. installations must consider the short circuit fault conditions.

Cleat spacings stated for horizontal cable runs can also be applied to runs at an angle of more than 30° from the vertical.

For cable runs at an angle of 30° or less from the vertical, the vertical cable cleat spacings are applicable – where the cable configuration requires 3 single core cables to be fixed and clamped please see trefoil cable cleats.

 ➡ For further information and selection details about Prysmian Cable Cleats for single cables refer to the product sections below – see Prysmian Cable Cleats to view cable support clamps for LV, MV & HV cables including short-circuit protection for 11kV and 33kV cables.

Prysmian Single Way Cable Cleat Spacings
Overall Diameter of Cable Non-Armoured Thermosetting, Thermoplastic or Lead Sheathed Cables and Non-Armoured Fire Resistant Cables XLPE Single Wire Armoured Cables (SWA) Including Fire Resistant Armoured Cable Mineral Insulated Copper Sheathed or Aluminium Sheathed Cables 
Horizontal 2 Vertical 3 Horizontal 6 Vertical 7 Horizontal 8 Vertical 9
mm mm mm mm mm mm mm
Not exceeding 9 250 400 600 800
Exceeding 9 and not exceeding 15 300 400 350 450 900 1200
Exceeding 15 and not exceeding 20 350 450 400 550 1500 2000
Exceeding 20 and not exceeding 40 400 550 450 600
Exceeding 40 and not exceeding 50 600 800 900 1100
Exceeding 50 and not exceeding 60 750 1000 950 1100
Exceeding 60 and not exceeding 70 900 1200 1000 1200
Exceeding and above 1000 1400 1200 1400
  • Fire resistant cable cleats should be used to cleat, clamp or support fire resistant cables such as Draka Firetuf and Prysmian FP (FP200, FP400, FP600).


Cable Cleats

Cable Cleats – LV, MV & HV cleats for specialist cables including power, control, instrumentation and signal cables.

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Contact T&D for technical support and ordering Prysmian Cable Cleats – we can assist with LV, MV & HV cable cleat requirements, including 11kV-33kV high voltage cables.

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