Slingco Take A Firm Grip on The Future With Cable Socks

Published 08 Feb 2021

Slingco Cable Socks

Slingco Cable Socks

Published in Wind Energy Network Magazine January 2021

You’re standing on a metal-decked platform, no land in sight, just the North Sea stretching as far as the eye can see. You know precisely how cold that water is. Of course you do – it’s a crucial factor. With years of preparation and hundreds of millions of pounds at stake, there’s no room for guess work.

You scan the sea – are those waves any longer or higher than the models predict?

Somewhere out there, coming closer every minute, is a remotely operated vehicle (ROV), it’s destination dependent upon those calculations made months ago, in an office hundreds of miles away.

The last link in a chain is about to connect: an underwater cable as thick as a tree trunk, spanning land to sea. Only when it does, can this wind turbine – the largest ever built – start spinning its massive rotor blades.

You realise you’re holding your breath!

  • The stakes couldn’t possibly be higher
  • This is no time to experiment
  • It’s no time to take chances
  • This is simply put, no time to lose your grip………and this is why you choose Slingco

Cable Socks & Typical Applications

  • Array
  • Export
  • Submarine
  • Umbilical Cable Pulling Installations
  • Telecom
  • Fibre
  • Turbine & Wind Tower Cable Installations
  • Flexible Hose Support & Restraints


For forty years this award-winning UK Heritage company has stepped into the breach. Wherever connections matter, where support is crucial, and where standards are absolute, they supply the missing link.

Construction of wind turbines and offshore high voltage stations rely on the successful installation of infield and export cables. Every one of the numerous disciplines, contractors and suppliers in this process must be impeachable.

When you choose Slingco, your choice is backed by state of the art facility, a dedicated research and development team, meticulous manufacturing, relentless testing, a peerless track record and fanatical customer service.

Preferred Partner

In this era of ever longer lengths and even greater loads, Slingco is the preferred partner for successful offshore cable socks and cable installations. They come by their reputation honestly – by dint of hard work, across generations of technology.

Back in the 1980’s, when mining operations relied on cable grips and supports, they were there. In the 90s, as telecommunication cables snaked under city street s, they were there. Now as the world harnesses the power of wind, Slingco helps meet the challenge through deep institutional memory and decades of proven innovation.

Slingco Cable Socks

Slingco Cable Socks

Offshore Pulling Cable Socks At A Glance….

  • Types of cable socks – Single eye, double eye, lace-up
  • Materials – Galvanised, stainless steel, non- metallic aramid fibre
  • Ferrules – Aluminium
  • Length of lattice – 1500mm – 3500mm+
  • Range – 100mm – 350mm+
  • Configurations – Single weave, double weave, triple weave, quad weave
  • Additions – Shoulders (single eye only), anodes
Offshore Pulling Cable Socks

Offshore Pulling Cable Socks

Wide Ranging Solutions

The company has seen every possible variation of strength, cable gripping and environmental factors and have a wide range of solutions along each of these continuums.

Every product in Slingco’s range is rigorously tested, both internally and externally, to ensure accurate loads and reliable factors of safety. their break strengths are not theoretical; they’re proven, for the jobs where it has to be right the first time (and every other time).

Of course, designing the right product is no use without the capacity to faultlessly manufacture, constantly stock, and reliably deliver. At every step, the company have removed the guesswork.

To ensure uninterrupted stock levels, they maintain multiple supply channels, constantly auditing their supply partners to ensure ISO compliance. Their multi-million-pound investment in a new facility helps meet aggressive timelines for on time delivery.

Recent Projects

UK Sales Director Ian Harrison points to Slingco’s role in such recent, major windfarm installations such as Hornsea 2, Triton Knoll and Moray East commented:

‘More than ever, the world looks towards Renewable Energy (in particular, wind) to support the demand for more sustainable power. We have seen in the past few years an increase in the number of wind towers per field, larger turbines and more recently floating structures to push these farms further offshore.

Slingco’s strategy for growth over the next three years will enable us to maintain our status as the leading cable pulling grip supplier to the Wind Energy and Subsea market.’

All the cable socks are fully tested before they leave the factor to confirm MBL is actual, not calculated. Tests reports provided, certificate of conformity and mill certs to ensure traceability.

The company has their own fully certified test facility which allows comprehensive testing of all the cable socks prior to release. They design and manufacture to the highest specifications and test to destruction. Their lead times are competitive and they also offer a bespoke design service, courtesy of a dedicated UK R&D team.

Slingco's new state of the art facility opening in February 2021

Slingco’s new state of the art facility opening in February 2021

Slingco Cable Socks

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Complete range of LV, MV and HV cable pulling products for installation and enabling cable jointing in trench or ducts including LV, 11kV/33kV medium voltage (MV), 66kV/132kV high voltage (HV) and EHV transmission and distribution cables up to 400kV.

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