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Published 22 Nov 2018

Submersible Cable Repair

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Cable Repair

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Thorne & Derrick distribute cable repair products to enable the effective re-instatement of cable sheath damage to all types of onshore and offshore LV Low Voltage, MV Medium Voltage & HV High Voltage cables.

The zero halogen flame retardent polyurethane cable sheath suffered service damage in an offshore location (non-hazardous) providing low voltage power to critical submersible firepumps – the sheath required repair to prevent seawater ingress into the cable which would cause severe corrosion to the wire braided cable and compromise the electrical insulation levels and operability of the firewater cables, pumps and fire protection system.

With an outside diameter of 21.7mm around the cable sheath the 3M 82F2 cable joint with a range-take of 20-30mm cable diameters were specified and supplied by Thorne & Derrick to effect the cable repair. Where significant damage is inflicted into the cable sheath, wire braid armour or insulation (EPR XLPE) a complete submersible cable joint can be provided.

The cable repair solution features seawater resistant and flexible 3M Scotchcast 2131 resin which provides stable performance in offshore seawater exposed locations without comprising the flexibility of cable circuit.

Basically, a wraparound mould is placed onto the cable to cover the nick to the sheath and then encapsulating Scotchcast resin is poured into the joint mould to achieve both electrical insulation and mechanical protection to the cable.

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Thorne & Derrick International, based in the UK, distribute an extensive range of Offshore Cable Joints to suit halogen free (zero halogen), flame retardant, MUD resistant, heat resistant and fire resistant offshore and shipboard power, control and instrumentation cables.

Cable Repair

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