33kV 4000amp Fully Insulated Duresca Busbar System

Published 03 Mar 2020

Image: Barrie Gray – Offshore Installation Tech at Fabriom Hoboken Belgium for Siemens.

Pictured: 33kV 4000amp Fully Insulated Duresca Busbar System.

The cables that come from the turbine array strings are routed into the 33kV panelboard.

The medium voltage busbars are connected to the bus section of the board and take the load 33kV to the transformer. The transformer increases the operating voltage to 132kV and sends it to shore along the export cable.

Fully insulated busbars provide connections between medium and high voltage equipment such as generators, switchgear or transformers.

The Duresca busbar system offers a compact and safer solution compared to cable or conventional busduct solutions.

33kV 4000amp Fully Insulated Duresca Busbar System

Duresca Busbar System – Benefits

  • Same type of busbar for Indoor/indoor, outdoor/indoor or outdoor/outdoor application
  • Solid, separate and fully isolated phase bus; no parallel cables
  • Earth screen in copper, embedded in the insulation designed for fault current of 8 kA /1s
  • Custom engineered for each individual installation
  • Compact design with reduced bending radius
  • Short assembly and erection time compared to cable, no need for special fixtures or tools
  • Resistant to humidity and moister ingress, no risk of corrosion
  • No need to pressurize or to add heaters; reduction of installation and maintenance costs

33kV 4000amp Fully Insulated Duresca Busbar System

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