HV Joints – High Voltage Cable Joints Using 3M Cold Shrink QSIII QS3000

HV Joints HV Cable Joints High Voltage Cable Joints

HV Joints – High Voltage Cable Joints Using 3M Cold Shrink QSIII QS3000


Cold Shrink

High Voltage Cable Terminations, Joints & Accessories for 66kV 69kV 72.5kV

3M QS III and 3M QS 3000 Cold Shrink Cable Joint kits are designed for inline HV cable joints up to 72.5kV Umax Voltage class – 66kV single core polymeric power cables with copper wire screen and lead sheath according to IEC 60840 can be jointed and connected using 3M Cold Shrink joints with copper or aluminium conductors up to 1000sqmm.

Applications include inline/straight joint and crossbond/shield break splicing, direct burial installations, submerged locations and transmission circuits.

The cold shrink cable splice body is a one-piece moulded design made of specially formulated silicone rubber, while the cold shrink jacketing is made of EPDM rubber for physical protection of the installed cable joint.

Each cable splice or joint manufactured is factory tested by 3M to provide reliability.

The 3M Cold Shrink cable splice kit contains a set-screw aluminium (Al/Cu) inline connector and can be used for size transitions within the listed kit size range.

66kV Cold Shrink cable joints are able to ensure quick, easy and safe installation of the 3M QSIII and QS3000 Splice Body and outer protection tubes due to 3M’s Cold Shrink technology.

The use of special tools is not necessary to install the joints but suitable cable jointing tools must be used to remove cable insulation, semicon screen and outer sheath – by unwinding the plastic support core in a counter clockwise direction the 3M cable joint body can be installed.

Complete range of 66kV cable terminations are available using 3M Cold Shrink to connect and terminate high voltage cables into substation busbars or onto overhead line equipment.

Cold Shrink Joint Benefits

  • Installing cable joints quickly and easily
  • Reduced potential cable jointer error using Cold Shrink
  • Replaces heat shrink – no heat, flame or cable jointers gas torches required
  • Lightweight for safer and easier joint installation
Cold Shrink Joints

Compatible mechanical connectors include Pfisterer Sicon brand of shearbolt cable connectors.

HV Joints

3M Cold Shrink QSIII QS3000 Features

  • Versatile Cold Shrink design — quick and easy installation; excellent for cable size transitions at temperatures ranging -20ºC up to +50ºC
  • No heat, flame or special tools are needed during splice body installation
  • Cable joints accommodates cable crimp or mechanical connectors up to 79mm diameter and 230mm length (3M QSIII) or 56mm diameter and 230mm length (3M QS300)
  • Wide application range covering several cable cross sectional areas from 150sqmm to 1000sqmm
  • Solderless earth connection by means of copper screen sleeve and constant force springs.
  • Thick walled, EPDM rubber Cold Shrink outer re-jacketing tubes provide physical protection and moisture sealing of the inline joint
  • Complete kit — includes everything required to install a cable joint
  • Silicone rubber construction — for good high and low temperature performance
  • Production tested — partial discharge and A.C. withstand tests to provide reliability
  • Computer aided design — for compact size and optimal distribution of electrical field
  • Special electrode design — minimises electrical stress at critical cable/splice interface

66kV Joint

High Voltage Cable Joints – Applications

  • For inline and crossbond/shield break splicing
  • For transmission circuits
  • For jacketed concentric neutral (JCN), tape-shield, longitudinally-corrugated (LC) shielded, tape-overwire (TOW) or wire-over-tape (WOT) shielded power cables
  • For copper or aluminium conductors
  • For direct burial installations
  • For submerged location cable joints

3M 96-Ax Series Inline Joint Series – Kit Contents66kV

3M 96-Ax Series Inline Joint Series includes the Cold Shrink QSIII or QS3000 Silicone splice body along with:

  • Integrated stress control device
  • Conductive electrode
  • Silicone elastomer insulation
  • Outer semi-conductive layer
  • Copper screen sleeve
  • Constant force springs
  • Thick walled EPDM rubber cold shrink tubes to re-build the cable outer jacket

3M 96-AX Series Inline Straight Joint Series

Cable Joints Selection Table

The following table enables the selection and specification of cable joints using 3M Cold Shrink technology up to 66kV:

3M 66kV Cold Shrink Joint 96-AX Series 66kV Cable Joint Type Application Range Guide (sqmm) * Diameter Over Primary Insulation (mm) **
96-AD 630-1 CWS (+/- Alu sheath) 150 – 630sqmm 35.9 – 56.2
96-AC 643-1M CWS 400 – 630sqmm 47.0 – 55.5
96-AC 643-1 CWS 630 – 1000sqmm 52.0 – 65.5
96-AD 632-1 Lead Sheath 150 – 400sqmm 35.9 – 56.2
96-AC 642-1M Lead Sheath 400 – 630sqmm 47.0 – 55.5
96-AC 642-1 Lead Sheath 630 – 1000sqmm 52.0 – 65.5
96-AC 646-1S CWS (+/- Alu sheath) Shield Break 240 – 500sqmm 39.3 – 48.5
96-AC 646-1M CWS (+/- Alu sheath) Shield Break 400 – 630sqmm 47.0 – 55.5
96-AC 646-1 CWS (+/- Alu sheath) Shield Break 630 – 1000sqmm 52.0 – 65.5
96-AC 647-1S Lead Sheath Shield Break 240 – 500sqmm 39.3 – 48.5
96-AC 647-1M Lead Sheath Shield Break 400 – 630sqmm 47.0 – 55.5
96-AC 647-1 Lead Sheath Shield Break 630 – 1000sqmm 52.0 – 65.5
  • 96-AD632-1 (Joint) and 96-EP722-2 (Termination) are approved by UK DNO’s NPG and WPD.

* Different cable constructions may change the actual application range. Diameter over the primary insulation is the final determining factor in selection.
** Primary Insulation Diameters take into consideration the application of the insulation adaptor tubes. As such, the thickness of these tubes is accounted for.

UK DNO Approvals | NPG & WPD 66kV Joints & Terminations

The following 3M Cold Shrink joints and terminations are approved for the jointing and terminating of 66kV power cables including single core XLPE insulated (polymeric) cables with lead sheath covered jackets:

3M Part Number 3M Product Family 3M Product Cable Range 3M SAP ID
96-EP722-2 QTEN Termination 120 – 1000mm2 7100193210
96-EP732-2 QTEN Termination 500 – 2500mm2 7100067817
96-AD632-1 QS3000 Joint 150 – 630 7100036901
96-AC642-1M QSIII Joint 400 – 630 7000099471
96-AC642-1 QSIII Joint 630 – 1000 7100024504


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IEC 60840

♦ IEC 60840:2011 specifies test methods and requirements for medium/high voltage power cable systems, cables alone and accessories alone, for fixed installations and for rated voltages above 30kV (Um = 36kV) up to and including 150kV (Um = 170kV). The requirements apply to MV HV single-core cables and to individually screened three-core cables and to their accessories for usual conditions of installation and operation, but not to special cables and their accessories, such as submarine cables, for which modifications to the standard tests may be necessary or special test conditions may need to be devised.

The Simple Application Of A 3M Cold Shrink Cable Joint

Note this information relates to 11kV/33kV cable joint products and is provided to inform potential users of Cold Shrink about the standard procedure for jointing medium voltage cables with 3M Electrical manufactured cable joints:

Cold Shrink Cable Joints Cold Shrink Cable Joints Cold Shrink Cable Joints Cold Shrink Cable Joints
1. Park the 3M Cold Shrink splice body onto the prepared cable, connect the cores and clean thoroughly. 2. Thoroughly grease the connected cable in preparation for the splice body. 3. Once in position, begin to remove the inner coil from the joint body. 4. For extra peace of mind, take advantage of the fact that splice body position is easily checked.
Cold Shrink Cable Joints Cold Shrink Cable Joints Cold Shrink Cable Joints Cold Shrink Cable Joints
5. Place the earth stocking over the splice body. Ground and secure with 3M Constant Force Springs. 6. Insulate the constant force springs with Scotch 23 Rubber Splicing Tape and then overlay with Scotch Rubber Mastic Tape 2228. 7. Position the pre-parked 3M Cold Shrink Outer Protection Tube over the stocking and begining to remove the inner supporting core. 8. Continue to remove the inner core until the outer tube is fully shrink, completing the cable joint.


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