66kV Cable Terminations | 3M QTEN Cold Shrink High Voltage Cable Terminations HV

66kV Cable Terminations 3M QTEN Cold Shrink High Voltage Cable Terminations HV

66kV Cable Terminations | 3M QTEN Cold Shrink High Voltage Cable Terminations HV


Cold Shrink

High Voltage Cable Terminations, Joints & Accessories for 66kV 69kV 72.5kV

3M QTEN Cold Shrink HV High Voltage Terminations are designed for cable terminations of 66kV single core polymeric insulated power cable systems (XLPE EPR) with copper wire screen, copper tape screen or lead sheath up to 72.5kV Umax voltage class according to IEC 60840 in exposed and outdoor pole-mounted locations – including dry, semi-wet and wet design 66kV array cables with copper or aluminium conductors up to 2000sqmm.

3M QTEN cable terminations includes a cold shrink body with integrated, silicone elastomeric insulation and outer silicone rain sheds with a separate cold shrink stress control PST. The HV High Voltage cable termination kit also includes silicone cold shrink tubes for sealing onto the cable sheath and the cable lugs.

The inner refractive stress control layer and the silicone insulation layer are co-extruded during the manufacturing process. The cold shrink termination is designed to accommodate all available cable lug designs including, hexagonal or deep indent crimp, as well as mechanical shearbolt type including Pfisterer Sicon brand.

3M cable terminations meet and exceed the requirements of the CENELEC HD 629.1 European standard as well as IEC 60840.

Complete range of 66kV cable joints are available using 3M Cold Shrink to connect and joint inline/straight high voltage cables in vertical or horizontal configuration.

Cold Shrink Termination Benefits

  • Installing cable terminations quickly and easily
  • Reduced potential cable jointer error using Cold Shrink
  • Replaces heat shrink – no heat, flame or cable jointers gas torches required
  • Lightweight for safer and easier termination installation
3M QTEN Cold Shrink High Voltage Cable Terminations HV

3M QTEN Cold Shrink High Voltage Cable Terminations HV 66kV

3M QTENCable Terminations

Product Features

  • The versatile design of the silicone cold shrink termination body allows installation on a wide range of cable sizes and types and a fast and easy installation at temperatures ranging from – 20°C to + 50°C.
  • No heat, flame, or special tools are needed during cold shrink splice body installation
  • 3M QTEN accommodates crimp cable lugs or mechanical shearbolt lugs up to 110mm in diameter
  • Wide application range covering several cable cross sectional areas from 120sqmm – 2000sqmm
  • Solderless earth connection to copper screen wires or lead sheath silicone rubber cold shrink outer rain sheds and sealing PST’s provide physical protection and moisture sealing of the completed cable termination
  • Silicone outer rain sheds of the cable termination ideal for zones with maximum environmental contamination, industrial or coastal
  • Creepage path connection for additional protection in areas of high pollution

3M Cold Shrink Technology Installation

3M QTEN Cold Shrink technology ensures quick, easy and safe installation of the QTEN termination body and outer rain sheds and sealing tubes by pulling and unwinding the plastic support core in counter clockwise direction. The use of special tools is not necessary ti install the terminations but suitable cable jointing tools must be used to remove cable insulation, semicon screen and outer sheath.

Detailed Jointing Instructions for installing the 3M QTEN termination are included in each kit.

Modern technology Cold Shrink has led to 3M terminations being adopted by international utilities to replace porcelain oil terminations on cable replacement projects where old leaking terminations are exhibiting end-of-life performance on high voltage transmission and distribution networks.

Selection 3M QTEN Cable Terminations | Different cable constructions can affect the actual cable termination application range. The diameter over the primary insulation is the final determining factor.

66kV Terminations | 3M QTEN Cold Shrink Cable TerminationsTerminating Cables with Wire Armour up to 66kV 

1. Remove the cable jacket for 730mm + B + 5mm – we recommend using approved sheath strippers

2. Remove any conductive coating of the cable jacket

3. Apply a layer of 3M 5313 mastic at a point 50mm from the outer “sheath off” position

4. Bend the armour wires back over the sealing and fix them with a cable tie

5. Remove the lead sheath for 680mm + B + 5mm

6. Connect a 500mm long copper wire together with the copper braid to the lead sheath of the high voltage power cable

7. Position the tinned copper braid onto the lead sheath. Ensure that the moisture block of the braid is positioned over the 3M 5313 mastic

8. Secure the braid to the lead sheath and the armour using constant force springs

9 Overtape the constant force springs with two half-lapped layers of Scotch 13 tape. Apply tape in same direction as the force springs

10. Apply another layer of 3M 5313 mastic directly over the first layer

11 Overtape the Scotch 13 tape and 3M 5313 mastic with Scotch 2228 tape

12 Remove the semi-conductive screen leaving 80mm in front of the cable jacket

High Voltage Cold Shrink Termination

96-EP Series for XLPE & EPR Insulated Cables 66kV

The following table enables the selection and specification of cable terminations using 3M Cold Shrink technology up to 66kV:

3M 96-EP Kit ReferenceCable Dimensions for XLPE EPR Polymeric CableCable Lug Dimensions (Crimp or Mechanical) Diameter Max (mm)
over Cable
over Primary
Cross Section
Guide (sqmm) 66/69 (72.5)kV
96-EP720-2 CWS9033.0 – 60.0120 – 1000sqmm90
96-EP722-2 Lead Sheath9033.0 – 60.0120 – 1000sqmm90
96-EP723-2 CWS or CTS + AWA9033.0 – 60.0120 – 1000sqmm90
96-EP725-2 CWS Extended Creepage Distance9033.0 – 60.0120 – 1000sqmm90
96-EP820-2 CWS Inverted9033.0 – 60.0120 – 1000sqmm90
96-EP730-2 CWS11551.1 – 87.0630 – 2000sqmm110
96-EP732-2 Lead Sheath11551.1 – 87.0630 – 2000sqmm110
96-EP830-2 CWS Inverted11551.1 – 87.0630 – 2000sqmm110
Product Identification

3M QTEN Series termination kits are marked with supplier name, cable cross section ranges, voltage class and cable type, storage conditions and manufacturing codes for product traceability.

Also:  3M Cold Shrink Cable Terminations for medium and high voltage 11kV 33kV 66kV cable terminating.

66kV Submarine Cable Terminations For Offshore Wind Farms

3M Cold Shrink terminations are in widespread service throughout the renewable energy industry enabling efficient and sustainable supply of high voltage electrical power from array cable systems and strings to power grids. Offshore wind is an essential component of renewable energy which is significantly improving its cost competitiveness over the last few years. Nevertheless wind farm developers are always looking at ways to reduce Levelized Cost of Energy (LCE). Among the technology developments enabling LCE reduction several independent studies have shown that use of array cables operating at 66kV instead of 33kV presents considerable advantages on typical offshore wind farm systems – this has led the development of cable joints, terminations and separable connectors to be developed for 66kV array cables.

66kV Cables

Image: Prysmian

Typical 66kV Cable Design For Offshore Wind Power Cables

  • Conductor – Copper or aluminium conductors longitudinally water blocked
  • Conductor Screen – Extruded semi conductive compound
  • Cable Insulation – EPR
  • Insulation Screen – Extruded semi conductive compound
  • Screen – Individual copper tape screen on each phase
  • Fibre Optic (FO) Unit – up to 3 FO units with metal tube
  • Lay Up – Three power cores with extruded fillers
  • Armour Bedding – Polypropylene yarns
  • Armouring – One layer of galvanised steel wires (SWA) flushed with bitumen
  • Outer Cable Protection – Polypropylene yarns in customisable colours

Above based on Prysmian Group information – Prysmian EPR insulated cables are compatible with Prysmian’s full range of accessories including Prysmian Clickfit and Prysmian Elaspeed cable joints and terminations.

♦ IEC 60840:2011 specifies test methods and requirements for medium/high voltage power cable systems, cables alone and accessories alone, for fixed installations and for rated voltages above 30kV (Um = 36kV) up to and including 150kV (Um = 170kV). The requirements apply to MV HV single-core cables and to individually screened three-core cables and to their accessories for usual conditions of installation and operation, but not to special cables and their accessories, such as submarine cables, for which modifications to the standard tests may be necessary or special test conditions may need to be devised.

UK DNO Approvals | NPG & WPD 66kV Joints & Terminations

The following 3M Cold Shrink joints and terminations are approved for the jointing and terminating of 66kV power cables including single core XLPE insulated (polymeric) cables with lead sheath covered jackets – the QTEN Terminations and QS3000/QSIII Joints are approved by Northern Powergrid (NPG) and Western Power Distribution (WPD) utilities in the UK:

3M Cold Shrink Part Number3M Product Family3M Product Cable Range3M SAP ID
96-EP722-2QTEN Termination120 – 1000sqmm7100193210
96-EP732-2QTEN Termination500 – 2500sqmm7100067817
96-AD632-1QS3000 Joint150 – 630sqmm7100036901
96-AC642-1MQSIII Joint400 – 630sqmm7000099471
96-AC642-1QSIII Joint630 – 1000sqmm7100024504
Cable Jointing Training 66kV

Two Times More Power. Jointers! Empower your CV and skill-set by grasping the 66kV Jointer Training opportunity. Jointers must currently be 33kV Competent and experienced to be ready to undertake the step-up to 66kV from 33kV.

Contact us for details about 66kV Jointer Training Courses.

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