Cembre B1350-CE v. B135-C Crimping Tools Performance Comparison

Published 10 Jun 2018

  • Uploaded by Chris Dodds - Thorne & Derrick Sales & Marketing Manager

Cembre B1350-CE v. B135-C

Since 1985, Thorne & Derrick International have been Main UK Stockists and Suppliers of the range of Cembre tools manufactured to crimp and cut all types of cables.

The following information table presents a comparison of performance between the now obsolete Cembre B135-C and its technologically advanced replacement model the Cembre B1350-CE battery crimping tool.

Cembre B1350-CE crimping tool delivers a 132kN compression force and accepts semi-circular slotted crimp die sets for installing LV MV HV lugs and connectors up to 400sqmm, including 11kV and 33kV cable lugs.

Full supporting range of die sets manufactured by Cembre are available for use with both hydraulic and battery type operated crimping tools up to 400sqmm.

The Cembre B1350-CE tool features a new generation Li-Oin 18V 4Ah battery providing higher capacity, faster charging time and improved energy efficiency of the overall crimping process – should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

For competitive prices, stock availability and technical advice about the Cembre B1350-CE tool please do not hesitate to contact us.

Crimping Tool Test Criteria B1350-CE Crimp Tool Cycle Time B135-C Crimp Tool Cycle Time B1350-CE Crimps Per Battery Charge B135-C Crimps Per Battery Charge
Cable Lug A2-M

Die Sets ME2-C

Cable Flexible Copper 10sqmm


31% faster than B135-C

6.47 237

74% more than B135-C

Cable Lug A5-M

Die Sets ME5-C

Cable Flexible Copper 25sqmm


34% faster than B135-C

7.07 228

89% more than B135-C

Cable Lug A24-M

Die Sets ME24-C

Cable Flexible Copper 120sqmm


24% faster than B135-C

9.37 141

61% more than B135-C

Cable Lug A48-M

Die Sets ME48-C

Cable Flexible Copper 240sqmm


26% faster than B135-C

11.19 116

81% more than B135-C

Cable Lug C70-C70

Die Sets MC70-50

Cable Flexible Copper 70sqmm


27% faster than B135-C

10.79 128

68% more than B135-C

Cable Lug C120-C120

Die Sets MC185-C

Cable Copper 120sqmm


23% faster than B135-C

13.77 88

70% more than B135-C

Cable Lugs LV

LV Lugs & Connectors – complete range of copper crimp connectors suitable for use with joints and terminations for low voltage cables | Cable Lugs | Cable Splice Connectors | Aluminium Lugs | Aluminium Splices | Bi-Metallic Cable Lugs

Cembre B1350-CE

Cembre B1350-CE is supplied with a robust protective plastic carry case suitable for storing the crimping tool and 7 die sets.


Cembre B1350-CE

Cable Lugs HV

HV Lugs & Connectors – complete range of copper crimp connectors suitable for use with joints and terminations for medium/high voltage cables | Cable Lugs | Transformer Lugs | 2 Hole Lugs | Pin Stalk Connectors | Through Connectors | 11kV 33kV


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