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Published 06 Nov 2018

Feeder Pillars


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Thorne & Derrick with Lucy Zodion supply both standard and bespoke feeder pillars in a selection of materials, paint finishes and dimensions to meet all indoor and exterior power distribution, control and lighting requirements up to 1,000 volts with IP65 door seal – this includes LV substation and network pillars with DNO supply cut-outs for utility applications.

Specialist EV Charging Pillars can be produced to customer specification for electrical vehicle charging points and applications.

The wide range of Lucy Zodion pillars from the Fortress range include mini, slimline, single-door and double-door types available in galvanised mild and stainless steel with cast iron option for heritage applications.

➡ Contact us to discuss how T&D and Lucy Zodion can provide innovative custom design solutions and ex stock delivery of standard feeder pillars to your project.

The series of feeder pillar images below shows a behind the scenes look into the manufacturing of bespoke pre-wired pillars.

Pre-Wired Feeder Pillars

Design Process

Lucy Zodion CAD driven design procedure guarantees a well engineered product from enquiry to delivery. The dedicated design team will work with a client not only from the start, but through all the processes to the finished product. Lucy Zodion have designed and produced some very exciting innovative products over the last few years, and T&D offer customers the latest cutting edge technology with highly skilled engineers and designers.

110V, 230V and 400V a.c. variant feeder pillars are available in both above ground and in-ground locations equipped with earth leakage and overload protection devices to ensure high operator safety levels. Compact retractable power pillars with telescopic design to mount flush to the floor surface provide discreet electrical power for typical applications including markets, shopping centres and airports.

Custom Pre-wired Feeder Pillar


Custom Pre-wired Feeder Pillar


Pictures 1 and 2 show the intricate engineering detail that goes into the design of a bespoke pre-wired feeder pillar. Although you can tell that the feeder pillar is only partially complete you can see the attention to detail and pride that Lucy Zodion input into all of their feeder pillars.

After manufacture the feeder pillars are thoroughly tested within the purpose built LV test area at Lucy Zodion to ensure they meet BS7671 and meet the requirements of BSEN 60439. The test procedures and quality assurance inspections driven by the ISO 9001 accreditation ensure all products including pillars perform correctly and safely.



Pictures 3 and 4 show how painting or powder coating the feeder pillars helps them to blend into their environmental surroundings to suit the needs of the client.

Stainless Steel Feeder Pillars


Stainless Steel Feeder Pillars


Pictures 5 and 6 shows a stainless steel feeder pillar that is ideal for high saline, coastal and marine atmospheres to provide power for temporary events – the pillar is manufactured in non-corrosive 316 grade stainless steel for hostile climatic conditions.

Pre-wired Feeder Pillar


Pre-wired Feeder Pillar


External Override Switch


Inside a pre-wired feeder pillar


External Override Switch


Pictures 7 to 11 show that careful consideration is taken when designing the feeder pillar to ensure that the installer, end user and maintenance team are satisfied with the completed installation. In this case an external override switch which is provided to avoid opening the feeder pillar unnecessarily. Please note the space below the isolator on the right for the Distribution Network Operator (DNO).

Feeder Pillar painted to suit surroundings


Picture 12 shows how feeder pillars can be sympathetically painted to suit their surroundings. Lucy Zodion can paint feeder pillars to any RAL or BS. This specific pillar has been modified to provide temporary supplies for regular events that take place in recreational areas including parks, open spaces, playgrounds, nature reserves, wildlife sites and sports pitches.

Road Lighting Feeder Pillars

Fortress Feeder Pillars From Lucy Zodion : Galvanised & Stainless Steel 20+ Sizes

Feeder Pillars

T&D distribute the complete range of Lucy Zodion pillars for low voltage power distribution to the building services, rail, construction, utilities, oil and gas, retail and leisure, ports, airports and heavy industries – GRP feeder pillars, cast iron, galvanised and stainless steel types customised to your application:

  • Pre-Wired Power Distribution Panels (Outdoor IP65 & Underground Retractable)
  • Substation Power, Cable Distribution & LV Interconnection Panels (Onshore Wind)
  • DNO Single & 3 Phase Network Pillars (25A-800A)
  • Network Rail & Electrification – Station & Trackside Pillars (incl. London Underground)
  • Low Voltage Connections – New Housing & Commercial Development Pillars (LV)
  • Defence Estates MoD – Load Shedding Fuse Pillars
  • Lighting Feeder Pillars – Street, Road, Flood, Sports Stadium & Car Parks
  • BT Telecommunications & Interface Pillars
  • Environment Agency – Rivers, Coastal & Waterways
  • Cast Iron Electrical Distribution Pillars – National Heritage & Historic Buildings
  • Also: Street Lighting Cut Outs

➡ For further information about how Lucy Zodion provide control and power distribution products for street lighting applications, please review the Lucy Titan (Cut-outs) and Lucy Trojan (Isolators) ranges of products.

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