Perfecting Complex LV Heavy Power Armoured Cable Installations

Published 12 Feb 2020

Image Courtesy : Jim Andrews – Cable Installer

Project : Airedale International

Scope : CCR pulled, cable cleated and terminated several kilometres of LV 4 Core 300sqmm XLPE SWA cables.

The 200 metre armoured cable runs located inside a partially working factory were positioned at 5 metre elevation – heavy power cable pulls are complex requiring attention to detail and site safety procedures.

All cables were installed in perfect “factory condition” without even superficial damage to the cable sheath during this challenging heavy power cable installation – BS5467 4c 300sqmm cable has a 8.75kgs/metre weight.

CCR cabling expertise is demonstrated by the perfectly organised and orderly cables which were cleated to the cable tray using 2 part plastic cable cleats and terminated using BW brass cable glands.Perfecting Complex LV Heavy Power Armoured Cable Installations

Skilled Manpower & Quality Materials

4 facts from CCR.

CCR cable jointing teams consist of highly skilled, time served, JIB registered jointers who are accompanied by apprentices so the next generation are being taught by those who have spent their working lives around cable joints.

CCR cable pulling teams are all headed by Foremen and Supervisors with at least 20 years experience in the cabling industry

CCR achieve a perfect mix of experience and youth, nurturing an eagerness to learn so each of their gangs have the capacity to undertake any project safely and produce great results for both client and company.

CCR jointing teams only ever use quality branded jointing tools for the preparation, jointing, terminating and crimping of LV-HV cables.

Cableco Romans – UK Cabling Specialists

CCR provide LV-HV cable installations, pulling, jointing, terminating and glanding up to 33kV using resin, heat shrink and cold shrink joints and terminations.

CCR specialise in LV-HV power, control and signal cable installations including cable tray, ladder rack, duct or trench work.

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