Cable Jointers Tool Sets MV HV – Nexans 82374

Cable Jointers Tool Sets MV HV - Nexans 82374

Cable Jointers Tool Sets MV HV – Nexans 82374

Jointers Tools Sets

Nexans 82374 is a cable jointers tool set containing specially selected cable tools designed to ensure the stripping and preparation of Medium Voltage (MV) power cables.

Each cable jointers tool kit contains all the necessary jointing tools required in order to prepare both fully bonded and easy-peel peelable semi-conductive screened cables, typically polymeric insulated XLPE or EPR cables at 11kV/33kV – recommended for preparation of cables up to 33kV to support the installation of separable connectors including the Euromold brand manufactured by Nexans.

Supplied within a hard-wearing, foam-filled protective case to eliminate any possibility of damage when the cable jointer tools are not in use. Adopting best practices and correct usage ensures the Nexans cable preparation tools will provide long and trouble-free service of joints, terminations and connectors.

Utility cable preparation tools are used to joint, splice and terminate cable for the Electrical Power Transmission & Distribution industry – all cable jointing tools are designed and manufactured to meet specific cable application needs, including accurate removal of XLPE insulation, semi-conductive sheathing, protective jacketing cable sheaths and other materials to produce consistent, uniform preparation of cable ends for splicing and termination of medium/high voltage power cables.

A complete range of Jointers Tool Sets are available from Nexans for all 11kV/33kV/66kV cable preparation requirements to enable installation of all types of joints and terminations including Cold Shrink and heat shrink.

Tool Set Contents

Nexans Part Number Jointers Tool Type Diameter Range Chamfer Angle Spare Blade
Nexans WS64 Adjustable Cable Stripper 12.7-63.5 NA 37284
Nexans QC1 Quick-Clamp 12.7-63.5 NA NA
Nexans WS76 Semi-con shaving tool 18.0-60.0 20º 43577
Nexans SCS Semi-con scoring tool 8.0-45.0 NA 43625
Nexans GB-KG05-05 Insulation chamfering tool 12.0-60.0 35º 11148


Nexans & Utility Tool

Nexans Cable Jointers Tool Sets MV HV contains:

  • WS64 Adjustable Cable Stripper
  • QC1 Quick Clamp
  • WS76 Semi-Con Shaving Tool
  • SCS Semi-Con Scoring Tool
  • GB-KG05-05 Chamfering Tool

The weight of the full cable tool kit is 4.8kg with a length of 455mm, a height of 32mm and a width of 104mm. All individual tools can be purchased separately please contact T&D.

Nexans WS64 Adjustable Cable Stripper

Features & Benefits

WS64 Adjustable Cable Stripper

  •  “Universal” tool for end stripping or mid span stripping of outer jackets or insulating material
  • End stripping and mid span stripping with different blades (interchangeable)
  • “Dual position” jaw for cable sizes from 1/2” up to 2-1/2” (12.7 to 63.5 mm) cable O.D. is versatile for electric utility applications
  • Removes outer jacket on primary power cable (all major insulation shields)
  • When using mid span blade stripping version, caution must be used when end stripping concentric neutral cables
  • Versatile design also includes ability to strip secondary and primary cable insulations
  • Quickly and easily adjusts to cable size with spring loaded “trigger-action” jaw
  • Micro adjustable blade allows accurate setup for a variety of insulation thicknesses
  • Self feeding tool design allows easy and efficient operation with minimal effort
  • Compact design for tighter work space requirements
  • Rugged, all metal body design
  • Length: 8 in (200 mm) Weight: 1.9 lb. (860 g)

Nexans QC2 Quick clamp

Features & Benefits

QC1 Quick Clamp

  • Heavy duty aluminium “Quick action” cable clamp for use as a stop for jacket stripping operations
  • Spring loaded jaws allow fast tightening onto cables, saving valuable time
  • Suitable for cable sizes from 0.50” (12.7 mm) up to 2.5” (63.5 mm) O.D
  • Rugged, bronze casting design for years of use
  • Length: 7.75” (197 mm) Weight: 1.5 lb. (680 g)

Nexans WS76 Semi-con shaving tool

Features & Benefits

WS76 Semi-Con Shaving Tool

  • Designed to shave bonded semi-con
  • Facilitates removal of non bonded semi-con from older deployed cables
  • Shaves 15-35 kV cable
  • Diameter range over screen 0.71” -2.36” (18 mm-60 mm)
  • Accurately removes semi-con shield within 25 mm (spiral action) in forward position
  • By reversing the tool, accurately removes semi-con shield within 7 mm (spiral action)
  • Winding pin to remove chip
  • Self feeding with stop position, two speeds forward and two speeds reverse
  • Accommodates a max semi-con thickness of 3/32 in (2.4 mm)
  • Blade provides a 20° chamfer cut finish at the semi-con end
  • Blade adjustment with 0.004” 0.1 mm) increments
  • Precision self feeding bearings guide
  • Easy blade replacement without the need for additional tools
  • Thumb switch to allow spiral to square cut without requiring a stop device
  • No need for using messy cable lubricant
  • Robust, high quality steel and aluminium construction
  • Size: 3.44 in (87.3 mm) x 5.52 in (140.3 mm) x 2.03 in (51.7 mm) Weight: 1 lb (454 g)
  • Replacement blades available

Nexans SCS Semi-Con Scoring Tool

Features & Benefits

The SCS Semi-con Scoring Tool is used to make precision score depth cuts on high voltage power cables with strippable semi-con for the purpose of proper semi-con removal. The cable size range is 8 mm to 45mm (.31 – 1.8”) diameter over the semi-con screen. The tool scoring depth is up to 4 mm (.16”).

SCS Semi-Con Scoring Tool

  • Easy and precise blade adjustment from 0 to 0.16” (0-4 mm) depth with 0.002” (0.05 mm) increments for accurate semi-con scoring
  • Accommodates cable ranges of 0.31”-1.77” (8 mm-45 mm)
  • Tri-action scoring capability: ring cut, spiral cut, longitudinal cut
  • 2” envelope on larger cables
  • Four (4) spiral cut settings for optimal chip width
  • Micro indexing blade depth adjustment in 0.05 mm (.002”) increments
  • Blade squaring adjustment feature
  • Allows for easy blade change
  • Compact design for easier use and storage
  • Easily mounts on the cable
  • Length: 3.28in (83.30 mm) Weight: 0.61lb (0.27kg)

Nexans GB-KG05-05 Chamfering Tool

Features & Benefits

GB-KG05-05 Chamfering Tool

  • Universal chamfering tool for preparing every cable insulation
  • Designed for complete range of diameters of medium voltage cables
  • Cuts the sharp edge of the removed insulation
  • Prevents the damage of the push-on parts
  • Easy to use
  • Cable diameter Max. 60 mm Ø
  • Length: 4.92 in (125 mm) x Width: 3.74 in (95 mm) x Depth: 1.57 in (40 mm)
  • Weight: 25.3 g (0.056 lb.)
Cable Jointers Tool Sets | MV HV | Nexans 82374 | Utility Tool

Cable Jointers Tool Sets | MV HV | Nexans 82374 | Utility Tool