TF Kable – LV MV HV Medium & High Voltage Cables

TF Kable

LV MV HV Cables

Contact us for competitive prices on the complete range of TF Kable for LV MV HV Cable applications:

  • 33kV MV HV Cables – Medium & High Voltage Power Cables XLPE
  • 33kV MV HV Cables – Medium & High Voltage Power Cables PILC
  • High Voltage Power Cables – 33kV+ Up To 420kV EHV Extra High Voltage
  • Mining Cables – LV HV Flexible & Trailing Cables
  • Shipboard Cables –  Offshore & Marine Power Cables
  • LV Armoured Cables – XLPE & PVC Insulated Cables SWA/AWA
  • Waveform Cables – 3 & 4 Core Cables Low Voltage

Thorne & Derrick stock and supply a complete range of Cable Accessories & Tools to enable the installation of LV MV HV Cables – this includes specialist applications for fire resistant, low smoke zero halogen (LSF), flexible and trailing and offshore applications.

TF Kable

TELE-FONIKA Kable SA (TF Kable) is one of the leading European producers of cable.

Their range of products, used in more than 80 countries worldwide, includes over 25,000 types of cable and wire.

TF Kable was established in 1992 in Myślenice through the consolidation of several cable plants operating in Poland: TF Kable, Krakowska Fabryka Kabli and Bydgoska Fabryka Kabli, as well as two international plants.

The current company is recognised as a reliable provider of cables and associated products made from copper, aluminium and fibre optics.  All of which are used by the world’s leading power, telecommunications, electronic, shipbuilding and mining companies.

TF Kable supports a wide range of industries. These include Construction, Power Engineering, Mining & Tunnels,  High & Extra High Voltage Systems, Renewable Energy, Shipbuilding, Rail, Automotive, Oil & Gas, Telecommunications, Automation, Welding and Heavy Industries.

JDR CablesAs a result of acquiring JDR Cable Systems Limited, TF Kable has expanded its assets with two UK production facilities.

JDR manufactures offshore marine cables, such as submarine power cables as well as subsea umbilical cables consisting of components for power distribution, data transfer, monitoring and remote control of offshore facilities.