111kV Electrostatic Filter Cable

Electrostatic filter cable 111 kV

Electrostatic Filter Cable


ELCUFILT 111kV is a high voltage single core insulated cable, manufactured by Nexans, for filter applications, no-load voltage up to 111kV DC.

The 111kV electrostatic filter cable can be used for dust separation and cleaning air or gases in industrial plants e.g. flue-gas in power plants and power stations, air cleaning in cement plants or gas cleaning in chemical and metallurgical plants.

111kV Nexans cable is used in electrical filter systems with no-load voltage up to 111kV according to DIN VDE 0271 – filter systems from high frequency over voltages an attenuation resistor should be installed directly at the sealing end and at the filter.

The Nexans electrostatic filter cables consist of a single stranded core aluminium conductor, semi conducting conductor screen, insulation of cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE), semi conducting insulation screen, copper screen, separator and a PVC sheath.

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Nexans Electrostatic Filter Cable | Power Plant

Electrostatic Filter Cable


  • Nexans Part Number: 14300344
  • Cross Section:  50mm²
  • Nominal Insulation Thickness: 9.0mm
  • Screen Section: 10mm²
  • Nominal Outer Sheath Thickness: 2.5mm
  • Outer Diameter: 36mm
  • Approximate Weight: 1.25kg/m
Cable Construction Characteristics
Conductor material Aluminium
Insulating material XLPE
Screen Copper wire
Outer sheath PVC
Lead free Yes
Dimensional Cable Characteristics
Conductor diameter 8.2 mm
Diameter over insulation 28.5 mm
Electrical Cable Characteristics
Operating voltage 111 kV
Max. DC resistance of the conductor at 20°C 0.641 Ohm/km
Resistance of the screen 1.83 Ohm/km
Mutual capacitance 130 nF/km
Characteristic impedance 45 Ohm
Mechanical Cable Characteristics
Maximum pulling force by laying 1.5 kN
Cable Usage Characteristics
Bending factor when installed 17(xD)
Bending factor when laying 23(xD)
Maximum operating temperature 90°C

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